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 Dear President Trump,

On the advice of a person who recused himself from the investigation of your ties to Russia, you fired the guy who was investigating your ties to Russia. On the basis that he had made a mistake investigating Clinton's emails, something that you lavishly praised him for on the campaign trail.

I thought the week had started badly when you violated the laws against witness intimidation by sending threatening tweets about Sally Yates as she testified on Capitol Hill, but that's so routinely outrageous for you it barely registered on the public radar. But now you do this?

Y'know, Nixon was well into his second term before he fired Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor that was investigating him. You're... what? Less than a one hundred and ten days into your first term? And you seriously expected this was going to make everything magically Go Away?

It's entirely possible that your nominee for the next FBI director will be a lapdog who drops the FBI's investigation, and he might get the job, because there are enough senators who are willing to hold their noses and approve his nomination, because they still hold out hope that working with you is at least better than a Democrat.

But that isn't going to make the scandal, or Congress's own investigations go away. And at some point you're going to have to make the decision on whether to resign and look like a "loser", a state which you're violently allergic to, and at least get a pardon from President Pence, or stick it out and risk being the first president to be both impeached and imprisoned for his corruption.

I hate the idea of Pence being president. His own ideas are as reprehensible as yours, and he's actually a competent enough politician that some of them might become law. But at least he won't be as embarrassing.

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