Mar. 1st, 2017

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In this direct sequel to "Penric's MIssion", Sorcerer Divine of the Bastard's order Penric kin Jurald is still on the road with General Arisaydia and the general's sister Nikys, continuing their journey to the safety of the Duke of Orbas' court, after escaping from Cedonian agents who wanted to complete the job of betrayal that had led Arisydia's blinding and Pen subsequent healing of his wounds.

A stopover in a town more than a little reminiscent of Shakespeare's Verona leads to Penric borrowing the skills, and the fashion sense, of one of the ten women his demon Desdemona holds in her memories, in order to give himself and his two charges a good disguise for their end run to the border...

Review: This story, while still tense, is considerably more lighthearted than the fraught circumstances of "Penric's Mission." The Shakespearean reference to Romeo and Juliet early on might hint it's a tragedy in the making, but the circumstances of romance and gender confusion owe more to "As You Like It" and "Twelfth Night". Penric and Nikys' mutual attraction continues, and also continues to be unresolved alas, leaving the story at a bit of cliffhanger at the end despite safety finally being found.

Overall though it's a good read, with Bujold's usual fine touch with characters, dialog and plot, all serving each other in mutual support, much like Desdemona, Penric, and Nikys' support of each other.


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