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Sorry this doesn't end on an actual wedding scene, but I'm not quite up to writing that at the moment. Perhaps I'll do it as a short story after NanoWriMo is over next month.

In Which Rufus Meets a Handsome Rival )
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Okay, a minor plot problem that's driving me nuts, because I'm halfway through writing the next scene and I may end up deleting it. Suggestions would be welcome.

MAJOR spoilers below )
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I wanted to finish this scene with the story's climax, but I've caught a cold from Georgia and it's really kicking my ass today. So I'll just post what I've written and hopefully pound out the end sometime tomorrow.

In Which Rufus Makes a Great Escape )
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Some of this material appeared in a slightly different from in my vignette Desperate Times

Rufus is faced with his greatest enemy )
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A head cold is sucking out all my ambition to write at the moment, and I've only got two months to start trying to figure out what the devil I'm going do for nanowrimo. Stil, I did get a couple of more paragraphs added to The Summer Intern and figured out the mild plot tangle I had with Commander Blake's motivation in Altered Trajectory over the weekend, both thanks to [ profile] chaypeta. We'll see how those both goes.

Given the response (or lack thereof) to my poll last week I'll probably skip the idea of a Reader Supported story. Though I can't blame anyone for being leery of sponsoring me given how slow my output has been recently.
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Given that Commander Blake was perfectly willing to nuke a spaceport and its surrounding city just to kill one kid, can anyone come up with a plausable reason why she wouldn't/couldn't kill Mel and the rest of her crew after she hands over Rufus and Hazel?

Cuz I can't figure it out myself, and I'd rather not kill Mel and Rollie, given I want the climax to actually be upbeat.
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Finally got back into the groove last night and finished up this chapter. From here the plot should speed up nicely, I hope.

Death and Life )
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Started working on this again to gain a breather after that last scene from POW. PG-13 for one very naughty word.

Rufus and Hazel get an early wake-up call )

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