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Just a reminder: To celebrate the release of Shadow of Her Sins, part four of the Red Vixen Adventures, the previous titles Captive of the Red Vixen and Shadow of the Red Vixen are available at the week of 2/14 through 2/20 for the reduced price $1.99, a 34% savings off their regular price!
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A piece from my rather disorganized followup to Prisoners of War, in which Rolas* deals with the personal revelations he learned during him capture, when he meets a lonely widow with a passion for control.

Yeah, I write smut when I can't think of anything else. Though for the record I actually have been working on Mimsey's Tale. Trying to re-format it properly is proving a bear though.

* * *

Rolas had been left tethered to the workbench in the small engine barn, a padded cuff wrapped around his ankle (which he could have easily cut off with many of the tools available to him), locked to a chain (which he could have broken with a prybar) wrapped around one of the bench's legs (which he could have lifted up and slipped off). It was all... not a game of pretend exactly... not pretense. More like an acknowledgment he had given control of the situation to Midnight, and she, in turn, acknowledging she had taken it. An mutual agreement of sorts.

He's not the only one with an agreement with her )

* Yes, this is Rolas from CotRV pre-spaceflight ancestor. Apparently getting caught by powerful vixens is in the genes.
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Summary: Another broad but shallow month. Lots of sales across the board but no real spikes on any of them.

Things to Do: I'm pausing on my 365 Days of Drabbles project so I can push forward on I Fought the Claw. As an interim piece I'm re-working Mimsey's Tale for sale as a $0.99 story. I've already commissioned Wazaga for the cover, just waiting on pricing.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: 4

Demon Eyes: 1

For Your Safety: 3

Good Landing: 20*

Prisoners of War: 4 (1 DE, +1 borrow)

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 6

The Dragon's Companion: 2

Teal's Bargain: 1

Teal's War: 2

Teal's Choice: 2

Triumvirate: 1

Unexpected Diversions: 1

Total Paid Sales: 27

*Free ebook
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For [ profile] seawasp: "The dangers of cross-fictional travel."

* * *

"So how are we doing?" Tez asked, keeping an eye on the tall lizard and her dark-skinned human companion, as they chatted with a grumpy looking fox person and another lizard of the same apparent species.

"Well, so far the three wazagans appear to be from separate universes, but only two of them are the same as the two fox folks', the other is with the boy and the hyena," Maria said. "The last I saw of the other humans after they'd finished beating to death the mechanical foxes they had brought with them, they were running the direction of town screaming 'We're free! We're free!' I sent Sinod's boy to round them up. I'm a bit more disturbed that Andrea is apparently triplets now."

"Well it could be worse," Tez said.

"How could this be worse? We're almost out of hors d'oeuvres!"

"Imagine if the evil twins start showing up."

Maria gave him a deadly glare. "Do not even go there."

A black shadow passed over the manor's yard, then a dragon as big as the manor itself dropped down to land, a grumpy looking woman in an elegant dress on its back.

"It just got worse," Tez said mildly.
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Part One
Part Two

Now then, I'm sure you eager young things are wondering how such a handsome, clever and sexy fellow like me got out of there. Begging my count for ransom credits was right out. I've got an allergy to owing people money, thanks to an unfortunate incident in my youth involving my first ground car and a neighbor's front porch. So, the only option was to make a daring escape from the premises.

With some complications )
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For Hellhound: "Inappropriate Marriage Proposal"

The island natives danced around the frames Melanie and Rolas had been bound to, their footpads slapping the ground, raising dust that covered their horrible, pelt shaven skins. The high priest, chief, or whatever, watched from his throne, surrounded by his… harem… of vixens, the only ones on the island besides Mel and Rolas, evidentially, that were permitted to keep their Goddess granted pelts.

At a shout from the priest the dancing stopped, and he rose from his throne. He cupped Mel's chin, smiling as one of the vixens handed him a turquoise necklace matching the one they all wore…

* * *

Let's see, Evil Natives Who Want Our Women vs Brave White Brown and Red Furred Explorers.

At least I didn't have enough words left to make the chief an Evil Albino.
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Summary: Blech month, wide but shallow. Sales were seriously down after the post-Christmas jump. Strangely, I didn't even get any borrows from my Prime books, though I did get three unusual buy of Triumvirate. Again, the new cover seems to be helping sales much more than the old one.

Things to Do: I'm approaching Month Three of my writing drought. The little 100 word drabbles I've been doing since the beginning of the year have been all I've been able to manage, and I still owe one person a gift fic in return for some artwork. Just can't seem to get motivated to do anything I can sell. (Unless someone wants to buy 365 disconnected narratives at the end of the year).

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: 6 (1 UK, 1 DE)

For Your Safety: 1

Good Landing: 33*

Prisoners of War: 3

Shadow of the Red Vixen>: 7 (1 UK, 1 DE)

Teal's Bargain: 1

Teal's Choice: 1

Teal's War: 1

The Dragon's Companion: 1

Triumvirate: 3

Unexpected Diversions: 1 (1 UK)

Total Paid Sales: 25

* Free ebook
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For [ profile] colliemommie: "Interval training"

Continued from X Marks the Spot

* * *

Rolas could have run faster if he hadn't had the rope still hanging off his right leg. The angry shouts behind them didn't encourage pausing though.

"This is insane," Mel panted beside him. "Lost tribes of island natives, in this day and age?"

"Unlikely, apparently not impossible." He raised his still bound paws to point. "Into the jungle! We can't stay on the beach, they'll track us easily."

"Right." She followed him into the trees, panting as they paused.

"Thought you were in shape," he muttered.

"Piss off. Let me finish untying you."

His ears flicked rightward. "No, lets run.'
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For [ profile] ankewehner: "Shopping trip"

"What do you get for the male who wants nothing?" Salli asked, looking over the line shop windows with dejection. Birthday shopping for her brother could be a terrible chore sometimes.

"A punching bag?" Alinadar suggested.

"That… actually would be appropriate. But no. I want to get him something that's more… refined. Besides, there's one in the manor's gymkata already."


"He doesn't wear any."


"Maybe." Salli scratched her ear in distraction. "He doesn't wear toe rings, or earrings normally.

Alinadar's ears turned red. "And likely not a necklace either, um, or bracelets, or anklets."

"Definitely not," Salli agreed.
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For [ profile] ankewehner: "X marks the spot."

Continuing from Sailing the high seas

Rolas followed after his wife, hobbled footpads digging into the soft sand of the little tropical island. "You're going to have to untie me eventually," he said grumpily.

"Eventually, yes," Melanie agreed unrepentantly. "Now? No."

She tied his leash to a tree and consulted her comp, stepping carefully along the beach until its nav prompt beeped. She dug with her paws into the sand, pulling out a small refrigerated case, frowning when she opened it. "The rum is gone. Why is the rum gone?"

A noise made Rolas' ear prick up. "You did say this was a deserted island, right?"
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Summary: A month of good, solid sales. There was definitely as bit of a post-Christmas bump, likely from either new Kindle owners and/or people using Amazon gift cards. A slightly weird anomaly with CotRV however, as it received ten sales, but was refunded three times. Either three people thought better of their purchase, or one person was seriously waffling.

Meanwhile, overseas sales were basically dead, with only one purchase from Great Britain. Have to if that picks up next month at all, and whether I can persuade anybody over there to offset my lousy COtRV review on the UK site with slightly better ones.

Things to Do: Aside from managing my one hundred words a day from my 365 Days of Drabbles project I've been struggling to put anything down on (virtual) paper. The muse just ain't there, which is especially frustrating since I seriously owe Naziha her story in payment for her cover art work. Hopefully I'll finish up I Fought the Claw soon after that, and then get seriously cracking on Legacy of the Red Vixen.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: Paid 8 (1 UK) , Borrowed 3

For Your Safety: 7

Good Landing: 42 (Free)

Prisoners of War: 12

Shadow of the Red Vixen: Paid 12, Borrowed 1

The Dragon's Companion: 1
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For [ profile] ankewehner: "Sailing the high seas"

It wasn't quite as good as space, Mel reflected from the helm, as the catamaran skimmed over the waves. The oceans of their homeworld was microscopic compared to the universe at large. On the other hand, there was the same feeling of freedom, the ability to point in any direction and just go.

There was one other similarity to her old hobby as well, she thought, as she set the helm to autonav, and stepped to where Rolas waited, bound naked to the mast with coils of white rope.

"Arr," she purred, pressing against him. "Time to bury me treasure."
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Okay, it's negative (and probably accounts for my freefalling sales from that source) but I'm still amused by the two star review on using the phrase "utter tosh" when referring to "Captive of the Red Vixen".

Hey, I said it was a romance novel right in the description, what do you want? ;p

On the balancing side I did get a nice four star review from Amazon US a couple of weeks ago, which specifically mentioned the one star review was bollocks nonsense.
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1. I wonder if there's any way to get [ profile] jimhines to do his take on the Captive of the Red Vixen cover. Likely as possible as [ profile] james_nicoll reviewing it, but it's worth requesting for the next charity shoot he does.

The only question is how he'd get a bikini and gun belt on that teddy bear of his...

2. I've done twenty entries on my 365 Days of Drabbles so far. 345 to go, but I really need to rebuild my buffer.

3. Watched Apollo 13 for the hundredth time (at least) this afternoon. Finally gained the insight that the movie is basically The Princess Bride for space nerds.
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For [ profile] lilfluff: "Homesick for space."

He found Melanie on the rear patio, laying on a lounge chair, looking up at the stars.

"Miss it?" Rolas asked, laying down beside her.

"Desperately," she admitted, still looking upward.

He nuzzled her neck. "We could take a trip."

"That's not the same and you know it. It's not the same as being a captain, of pointing the ship wherever you will and just going."

"I'm sorry."

Melanie sighed, paw rubbing the growing curve of her belly. "'I am hostage to fortune,'" she quoted, then shrugged. "I asked to wear these chains with you. Too late to complain now."
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For [ profile] lilfluff: "The enemy's unexpected, and insistent, surrender."

"You win. I'll give you everything you want," his sister's ex-husband said, from behind the visitor room's safety glass.

"I'm sorry, what?" Rolas asked in surprise.

"I'll testify about the bribes we arranged to set up those attacks. I'll even permit interrogation chemistry."

"And what do you want in return?"

"To be declared sane."

Rolas blinked. "If you're declared sane, you could be executed!"

"Of course I could!" Kev's look was desperate. "I could be in here for over a hundred years otherwise! I want it to end."

Rolas smiled, with his fangs out. "You poor deluded man."

Kev howled.
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Summary: Going back to a more average sales month after the brisk opening sales of Shadow of the Red Vixen from November. Sales of CotRV were down as I hunted illegal pdfs on various torrent sites, alas. The new cover for Triumvirate seems to have aided in its sales. Two sales doesn't sound very impressive, but it's better than one over three or four months, which is what I was averaging previously.

The real surprise was the dead overseas sales. Usually I can count on three or four of my various titles in the UK. This month there was only one borrow of CotRV. I didn't get any other international sales, not even Germans buying POW.

I'll have to watch my January sales to see if I get my usual mild bump from people getting new Kindles in their stockings for Christmas.

Things to Do: Legacy of the Red Vixen is proceeding very slowly still. December was a hyper busy month for me, and my depression has been really kicking me motivation to write. I also need to finish a short piece for Nez to pay for the Triumvirate cover, which is also crawling.

Further into the future the For Your Safety universe is still tugging at me, as is In Goddess's Hand. May work some on the former, since short stories are more fitting to my mood/motivation right now.

End of Year Summary will be along in a few days.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: Paid 4 , Borrowed 3 (1 UK)

Demon Eyes: 1

For Your Safety: 6

Good Landing: 36 (Free)

Prisoners of War: 8

Shadow of the Red Vixen: Paid 10, Borrowed 2

The Dragon's Companion: 3

Triumirate: 2
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Summary: This has been the best month I've ever had, frankly. It started with the long awaited (by me at least) publication of Shadow of the Red Vixen. To celebrate this, I switched CotRV over to Amazon Prime and offered it for free the first five days of the month. I expected I'd get a few downloads, but the response was pretty overwhelming, with over seven hundred purchases domestically and quite a few internationally.

Meanwhile, SotRV sold extremely well, with twenty-five copies domestically and one Prime lending download. The $2.99 price tag I put on it doesn't seem to have been a factor in sales at all.

This leads to an important lesson. That 70% royalty rate from KDP made a big difference in my profits. Normally I'd expect about $15 to $20 in profits every six weeks or so. Now I'm looking at over hundred dollars when everything is added together. Small change by professional standards, but pretty good for an author of silly Furry sci-fi.

Things to Do: I'm working on the next story in the Red Vixen Adventures, Legacy of the Red Vixen which involves Mel and Rolas' n'er do well daughter getting into trouble, exiled to Planet Dull, and then finding amusement when she discovers her mom's old hobby. It's going slowly, since I've been fighting to get time to write, and then motivation as I fight my now usual winter depression.

Meanwhile I intend to use the profits from this month's sales to commission new covers for Triumvirate and Good Landing from Nez, just to make them more professional looking and bring them in line with my other works.

After that I'm going to poke more at the For Your Safety universe and see if I can't get an anthology out of it. I figure there might be two books worth, the first concerning the Groupmind's gentle conquest of humanity, then the "War of the Ring" as their charges awaken on their new home and make their displeasure known.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: Paid 7 (1 DE), Borrowed 3, Free 768 (48 UK, 13 DE, 4 FR, 1 IT)

For Your Safety: 3

Good Landing: 26 (Free)

Prisoners of War: 10

Shadow of the Red Vixen: Paid 26 (1 UK), Borrowed 1

The Dragon's Companion: 2
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Well, so much for working on Warbird. ;p

* * *

It had been a fragging magnificent party.

Ryza stretched out in the back seat of the lighter, watching the lights of the Darktail District shimmer below her through the transparent flooring. She wiggled her feet, giggling as her golden and bejeweled toe rings caught the light from below. Then she looked up, waving goodbye cheerily to the great airship that was the Queen of the Clouds. It has been a constant party for three days aboard woth her boarding school friends as it made its way slowly from the coast to the interior of the Darktail lands. Her lands. Home.

I am Mistress of the Uuuuuuuuuuniverse.

For the moment )

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