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McCall parked his black Jaguar along the street in the Astoria section of Queen, along a line of small shop fronts. Shrugging his black overcoat in place, he strode through the door of the bar, which sat underneath a sign that simply read "Archie's Place". As he had planned, it was just after opening and there were no customers inside yet, though the barman, a short, heavyset, balding man was already behind the bar.

"Mr. Bunker?" McCall asked in a clipped tone, pulling out a card from his coat's inner pocket and presenting it. "I'm Robert McCall. My friend Mickey said you might be in need of some assistance."

The barkeep squinted at the card and compared it to the one he fished out from the front of his white shirt. "Yeah, Mickey said he'd talk to youse." He ignored McCall's outstretched hand. "He didn't say nothin' about youse bein' a faggoty English guy though. What're supposed t' be, James Bond's grandpa?"

McCall ignored that, recalling Mickey's warning Archie is kinda rough around the edges,but he's an okay guy. "He said you were having some problems with the Mafia?"

Bunker nodded. "Yeah! I got dagos running all over the place, threatening to torch my bar! It was bad enough when they burned up Chang's laundry. They're nice folks, even if they are chinks. Took over the place when that loudmouthed darkie Jefferson moved uptown."

"Yes, Mickey told me. Why don't you tell me what happened exactly, everything you can recall." McCall sat down at the bar and prepared to take mental notes, all the while thinking, Mickey, you're going to owe me for this one.

The End
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This is my half of the trade I did with Wazaga for the pic she did. She requested a continuation of her story Draco - The Spring Festival, showing how her characters' relationship evolved.

Fortunately she was pleased with the results )
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Part One of [ profile] chaypeta's Christmas present. I'm afraid when Part Two is completed, it'll only be for private viewing. :)

Nothing like last minute shopping. )
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Started working on this again to gain a breather after that last scene from POW. PG-13 for one very naughty word.

Rufus and Hazel get an early wake-up call )
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A slightly delayed birthday present for [ profile] chaypeta

Hope you like it, Peta )
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Melika is so far out of character compared to her canon counterpart it's a wonder she isn't coming after me.

Read more... )
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This is about as explicit as I can get with this without moving it to a separate journal...

Did I mention Rolas is having a bad morning? )
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Author's Note: The wincing sound you hear is likely to be [ profile] mjkj and [ profile] ankewehner's reactions to my rather painful phonetic spelling of a German/Gerwart accent (never mind the terrible Babelfish translations). Please bear in mind that Melika and Hazel are actually speaking Hollywood German, which bears almost no relationship with actual German at all. It is, however, favored by actors who enjoy shouting a lot and using up the world's supplies of the letter "V".

Ve VILL haff VAFFLES vith our BREAKFAST. )

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