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With apologies to [ profile] filkertom. :)

I Wanna Be Hamill's Joker

Music: I Wanna Be Peter Lorre (copyright Tom Smith)

What makes me so down, are the villains that I see.
I can't do much for them, not doing very much for me.
I find too many flaws, with Dexter, Lecter and Jigsaw.
Monsters, killers, and zombie hordes, looking at them just make me bored.

Cesar Romero was too silly, Heath Ledger way too bleak.
Jack Nicholson was so snarky I could punch him in the cheek.
No, I was quite surprised, by Luke Skywalker's other guise.
His wit and style caught my attention
[as Joker] And never failed to bring Bats avengin'!

I blame mainlining Arkham Knight for four hours straight )
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So the Ogre Kickstarter project is approaching $850k in donations, setting a record for gaming related Kickstarts and possibly going for the all time record. Even with about 8 hours to go, I wouldn't be surprised at this point if there's a last minute surge to put it over 1 million dollars.

[ profile] moonshadowed saw me drooling over it, and finally said, "We can call it your Father's Day present." With it being a three paycheck month for us both, plus me transferring my current book profits from Paypal back to our main account, we made it work. I pledged at the $150 dollar level, so I'll be getting the game, canvas bag, t-shirt, lapel pins, plus the original pocket box game and a buttload of PDF's and extra counters.

Of course it won't be shipped to me until November, so it'll be the best Father's Day present I ever got for Christmas. :)
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Gacked from [ profile] patgund
If this is for real, it's pretty much the geekiest baby announcement EVER.

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Carl Sagan electronica. Gacked from [ profile] ps238principal

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A reporter from 1981 examines how those funny "personal computers" might effect how people read newspapers in THE FUTURE.

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Over the past few days Georgia has taken to pulling her t-shirt over her head when we get home while she's watching Disney's Robin Hood, leaving the collar stuck around the top of her head like a headband and the rest hanging down the back.

Today I finally realized what she was doing. She's pretending to be Maid Marian. :)
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Behold the opening ceremonies animation for this year's Otakon, produced by [ profile] jvowles and animated by Madhouse.

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Gacked from [ profile] filkertom.

As I said in my reply to Tom's entry, I just had my geek button punched HARD

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Have finally registered for Otakon! Okay, I know [ profile] sadieko is going. Who else on my friends list will be there.

Besides you, [ profile] jvowles !
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Even if that's what [ profile] ksleet says.

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Just a fan project apparently, but a very impressive fan project.

Gacked from [ profile] drewshi

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Gacked from [ profile] jblum

Yes, they're named after the ones from Thunderbirds

The fact that a group of folks were geeky and civic minded enough to do this makes me very happy.
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So apparently the "Get off your lazy ass and exercise... after this commercial break" kid's show Lazytown was produced in Iceland.

Nothing personal [ profile] thorkell, but knowing that, I realize your nation deserves every moment of economic doom it's currently experiencing.
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Originally posted as a reply to a [ profile] fanficreants entry.

Setting: Hogan's Heroes
Time: Post-WWII.

Summary: Retired Luftwaffe Col. Wilhelm Klink has a lovely, quiet job pushing paperwork at the Schotzie Toy Company, owned by his former underling Hans Schultz. It's pleasant, it's quiet and he's secure in the knowledge that Herr Schultz will never threaten to send him to the Russian Front.

Then Col. Hogan, late of the newly formed CIA, comes along to get Schultz and Klink's help in making toys with hidden compartments to smuggle to agents in the newly formed East Germany, and making Klink's life a living hell again. Hilarity Ensues.
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Fooling around in Free Play after completing the City of Danger level, I found what has to be one of the most twisted in-jokes around. As you play the level, the first door that you need to be wearing an Enemy Soldier (the polite term for "LEGO Nazi") hat to enter, you find yourself in a courtyard with an anachronistic TV set and a pile of satellite dishes, which you can put together to reveal a treasure box.

Now, the only reason that they'd do this, is as very obscure reference to the making of Raiders, when the production company talked the city of Cairo to remove all the TV antennas from homes in the area, just so they could do wide shots that looked like they were in the actual 1930's.

Level designers are strange people.

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