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Starcrash is a 1978 film showing what the Italian cinema industry does best: Ripping off American box office smashes with a quick ripoff that has a quarter of the budget. Jonah and the bots have a fine time with this one, especially with the character "Aktor" a space pirate with unexplained on-demand superpowers, a smug attitude, and a frightening resemblance to William Katt, the star of "The Greatest American Hero". Which led me to committing filk again...

"Starcrash Theme" (music: "Believe it or Not")

Look at what's happened to me-e,
I couldn't believe it myself.
My agent signed the contract unseen
Wish it were somebody else!


    Believe it or not, I'm not William Katt
    He's got far too much digni-ty-y-y
    Wish I could run, from this dog a film
    Who could it be?
    It's not William Katt, it's just me.

It's an Italian Star Wars clone,
With none of the budget or skill
I'm playing a smug, stuck-up  Obi-Wan
With a curly blond perm that could kill.


I'm co-stars with a robot from Tex-as,
And Caroline Munro's massive chest
Hasslehoff's got top billing on screen
For just the fifteen minutes he's seen!

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Just another bit from my backbrain that refuses to go away.

* * *

Scene: Bob and Anne, the former American and the latter British, are racing across London to beat the baddies. At various points in the movie they've helped an odd little man in a white suit played Richard Hammond.

This is about to pay off in a large way… )
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Though I'm sure someone has thought of it before me.

Question: What's the difference between Daniel Jackson, Optimus Prime and Jesus Christ?

Answer: Jesus came back from the dead only once.

Dons his flamethrower proof long johns
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Just because I loved this movie, doesn't mean I'm not willing to spork it.

Spoilers, obviously )

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