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Summary: Well that sucked, or maybe it didn't. Only 8 sales, but I had about 600 KOLL pages read, which would sound more impressive if Amazon would deign to actually tell me what they're paying per page.

Things to Do: Still working on Shadow of Doubt which is coming along (relatively) quickly. Hoping to have it down within a month if I'm lucky.

Sales Report: KDP/KOLL

Captive of the Red Vixen: 0/466

For Your Safety: 3/0

Prisoners of War: 0/134 (0/20 DE)

Shadow of Her Sins: 1/0

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 1/1

The Dragon’s Companion: 1/0

Teal's War: 1/0

Unexpected Diversions: 1/0

Total Sales: 8/601
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From there it was a busy hour for the Gerwart scientists, as Rolas and Reggie observed from their position along the wall of the bunker. As had been planned, once the rocket’s fuel had been expended and it reached the apex of its ballistic arc, explosive charges separated the nose from the main body of the vehicle. From there the remains of the rocket fell into the sea, while the nose and its incredibly valuable instrument package floated down on a parachute to be retrieved via boat.

It wasn’t until that evening, after a hearty dinner celebrating the successful launch and recovery that Rolas was able to talk privately with Reggie. He’d been watching his friend carefully throughout the dinner, and was growing increasingly disturbed as he did. Despite the air of joviality his old commander tried to project, Rolas could see signs of tension in his puffy, sleep deprived eyes, and the ill kept grooming of his tail. He’d also kept count of the drinks Reggie had been downing, which had come out to about six of the smoky Gerwart beer pints.

After exchanging congratulations once again with Dr. Brownpad and his team, Rolas led Reggie over to his office, in one of the research complex’s administration buildings. Sitting his friend down in a chair across from a small couch he kept for informal meetings, Rolas asked pointedly, “All right, Reg, what by the Mother Goddess is going on with you?”

He's going to regret asking that. )
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I wonder how much it would cost to get POW translated into German to replace the English version on Probably too much.

(Hey, it's my top seller in that market...)
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Just a little vignette set in a post POW first-contact story.

Trigger Warning for discussion of sexual assault.

* * *

“Why... are you... helping us?” the male, Sandor, asked. He spoke slowly and carefully, the warm gutturals of Rolas' language sounding tortured in his throat, but without the aid of his device. “You aren't... scared.. of us? Like... others?”

They learn quickly, these humans, Rolas thought.

“I am scared of you,” he replied, “You're ugly, and huge, and hairless. It disgusts me to even look at you. And your device. Some of the images in it were horrifying.”

Sandor and the female human, Miri, exchanged a look at this. Then she answered. “They horrify us too. Our history... very hurt... very much blood.” She gave one of their odd, stiff shrugs. “We do not forget. Must not forget. We do better. Mostly.”

We do better )
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Summary: Average sales month for ebooks. The audiobook sales for Captive were much, much smaller than before. I suspect the high sales numbers from before was ACX counting the free downloads from my Kickstarter supporters. More disappointing was my first royalty check from ACX. I really need decent sales tracking reports ala KDP so I can see why I’m getting paid what I’m paid.

Things to Do: Shadow of History/Future (title is influx) is proceeding much more slowly than anticipated. I’m waiting for a primary antagonist to show up. So far things have been led by Salli and Ali’s situation. Which is all right, but it doesn’t give them many handles on what they can fight against.

Sales Report: KDP/KOLL

Captive of the Red Vixen: 2/5 (1/0 CA)

CotRV Audiobook: 2

For Your Safety: 7/0 (1/0 CA)

Good Landing: 5*

I Fought the Claw & the Claw Won: 1/0

Mimsey's Tale: 3/0 (1 CA)

Prisoners of War: 3/3

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 1/ 1

The Dragon’s Companion: 1/0

Total Sales: 19/9

* Free ebook
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Summary: Average month for sales, at least of the ebooks. But the really exciting event of the month was the release of the audio book of CotRV. Seventeen sales total for that one, though I doubt I'm going to be doing that well with it for November, it was still heartening. Now if I could just get some reviews of it posted.

Things to Do: Getting my writing mojo on for Shadow of History. I'm going to try to get at least 500 words a day done on it, hopefully completing a significant chunk of it before the ed of the year, if not completing it.

Also I need to get the remaining rewards out to my Kickstarter supporters. Been falling behind mostly due to Life and trying to get the formatting fixed for the non-Kindle format ebooks.

Sales Report: KDP/KOLL

Captive of the Red Vixen: 7/3 (1/0 UK, 1/0 CA)

CotRV Audiobook: 17

For Your Safety: 4/0

Good Landing: 4*

I Fought the Claw & the Claw Won: 2/3 (1/0 UK)

Mimsey's Tale: 2/0

Prisoners of War: 2/1

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 1/ 2 (1/0 UK)

Shadow of Her Sins: 1/3 (1/0 UK)

Total Sales: 36/12

* Free ebook
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Summary: Sales slightly down from the previous month, but otherwise acceptable. More disturbing is the utter lack of sales so far for April. As in one for CotRV, and absolutely nothing else. WTF?

Things to Do: Writing a short piece with Alinadar back during her time aboard the Relentless. Gonna be heavy on the angst, but I need to get something out soon.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: 4 (1 DE)

For Your Safety: 3

Good Landing: 17 (1 CA) *

I Fought the Claw & the Claw Won: 3

Mimsey’s Tale: 2

Prisoners of War: 2

Shadow of Her Sins: 13 (1 CA, 1 DE)

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 3

Teal's Bargain: 1

Triumvirate: 1

Unexpected Diversions: 1 (1 UK)

Total Paid Sales: 33

* Free ebook
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Now I've got a scenelet in my head of Reggie and Rolas from POW, now in their sixties, chatting with a much younger vixen from the MC's Aerocraft Technology Ministry as they watch a group of Gerwart boffins ready the first manned, er, Foxened, launch of an atmospheric rocket.

[ profile] resonant will probably have to correct me on this, but I don't think alcohol would be able to power an engine powerful enough to get an airplane up in the air, or at least not one that can carry a significant amount of cargo, and Foxen noses wouldn't allow more powerful, and noxious fuel oils to be used to create gasoline.

So of course it would be perfectly logical in the race for Moar Speed to move immediately to hydrogen powered rockets...


Jan. 7th, 2014 04:35 am
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Just a little something for Kink Bingo. :)
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Summary: Flat sales this month on CotRV and SotRV, leavened by better than average sales on Mimsey’s Tale and I Fought the Claw, plus a really bizarre run on Good Landing that I just can’t explain.
Things to Do: Still working on Shadow of Her Sins. Up to around 9k words and a firmed up plot. IN the meantime I’ve been doing a series of Batman related fanfics which have gotten the attention of Ryk Spoor, who is encouraging me to expand them into an Elseworlds proposal for DC! Not sure how that will pan out but I’m going to try to work on a formal outline this month in-between the drabbles.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: 3

For Your Safety: 1

Good Landing: 75 (2 CA) *

I Fought the Claw & the Claw Won: 13 (1 IT)

Mimsey’s Tale: 12

Prisoners of War: 3

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 2

Total Paid Sales: 34

*Free ebook
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Summary: A definite WTF month. It seemed for a quite a while I was going to just get a single sale on everything except Mimsey's Tale, which I think got boosted a bit by Amazon's usual “If you bought this you might want to check out” spam mails. But things perked up a little in the last week with the usual furry suspects.

Things to Do: I Fought the Claw is done and at the beta-readers. Once it comes back it'll be published immediately. Got inspired to do a sequel to Shadow of the Red Vixen titled Shadow of Her Sins, focusing on Ali. Before that can be done I really need to finish the story I owe Waz for Mimsey's cover art.

Thought briefly about begging [ profile] seawasp for a blurb to use for For Your Safety given he's complimented it in other journals, but decided that would be A) Tacky, B) Possibly put him in conflict with his publishers, which would not be good for a Real Author.

I suspect if I ever asked [ profile] james_nicoll, his response would be along the lines of “If you want the existential despair of Jack Williamson's The Humanoids and the good natured recycling of Disney's Robin Hood this is the story for you.” ;p

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: 3

For Your Safety: 2

Good Landing: 17 *

Mimsey’s Tale: 17

Prisoners of War: 1

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 3

Teal's Bargain: 1

Teal's War: 1

Teal's Choice: 1

Triumvirate: 1

Unexpected Diversions: 2

Total Paid Sales: 30

*Free ebook
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Summary: A slightly better than average month, spiced up by the release of Mimsey’s Tale and a very unexpected six sales of The Dragon’s Companion, and nine of For Your of Safety for some odd reason. Usually I only get two or three at best.

Also, I had my first Canadian sale. Which was immediately reversed. Cheap socialist bastards. ;p

Things to Do: Working on a short story for Naziha to pay for the Mimsey’s Tale cover, then it’s back to grinding on I Fought the Claw.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: 6

For Your Safety: 9

Good Landing: 18 *

Mimsey’s Tale: 5 (1 IT)

Prisoners of War: 3

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 5

The Dragon's Companion: 6

Teal's Bargain: 1

Teal's War: 2

Teal's Choice: 1

Triumvirate: 1

Total Paid Sales: 39

*Free ebook
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A piece from my rather disorganized followup to Prisoners of War, in which Rolas* deals with the personal revelations he learned during him capture, when he meets a lonely widow with a passion for control.

Yeah, I write smut when I can't think of anything else. Though for the record I actually have been working on Mimsey's Tale. Trying to re-format it properly is proving a bear though.

* * *

Rolas had been left tethered to the workbench in the small engine barn, a padded cuff wrapped around his ankle (which he could have easily cut off with many of the tools available to him), locked to a chain (which he could have broken with a prybar) wrapped around one of the bench's legs (which he could have lifted up and slipped off). It was all... not a game of pretend exactly... not pretense. More like an acknowledgment he had given control of the situation to Midnight, and she, in turn, acknowledging she had taken it. An mutual agreement of sorts.

He's not the only one with an agreement with her )

* Yes, this is Rolas from CotRV pre-spaceflight ancestor. Apparently getting caught by powerful vixens is in the genes.
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Summary: A month of good, solid sales. There was definitely as bit of a post-Christmas bump, likely from either new Kindle owners and/or people using Amazon gift cards. A slightly weird anomaly with CotRV however, as it received ten sales, but was refunded three times. Either three people thought better of their purchase, or one person was seriously waffling.

Meanwhile, overseas sales were basically dead, with only one purchase from Great Britain. Have to if that picks up next month at all, and whether I can persuade anybody over there to offset my lousy COtRV review on the UK site with slightly better ones.

Things to Do: Aside from managing my one hundred words a day from my 365 Days of Drabbles project I've been struggling to put anything down on (virtual) paper. The muse just ain't there, which is especially frustrating since I seriously owe Naziha her story in payment for her cover art work. Hopefully I'll finish up I Fought the Claw soon after that, and then get seriously cracking on Legacy of the Red Vixen.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: Paid 8 (1 UK) , Borrowed 3

For Your Safety: 7

Good Landing: 42 (Free)

Prisoners of War: 12

Shadow of the Red Vixen: Paid 12, Borrowed 1

The Dragon's Companion: 1
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Summary: Middling month. CotRV and PoW remained steady sellers, though I only got one overseas sale. The big news is that I finally finished writing Shadow of the Red Vixen and have finally completed editing it. It's now for sale on Amazon for $2.99, and for now Captive of the Red Vixen is available as a free promotion through Amazon Prime (where it's been going pretty fast).

Things to Do: I'm skipping NaNoWriMo this year, but I'm going to take the time to poke at Warbird to see if I can't bring it back to life. Otherwise the plan is to try and plot out Legacy of the Red Vixen and write enough stories in the For Your Safety 'verse to create a themed anthology.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: 9

For Your Safety: 5 (1 DE)

Good Landing: 23*

Prisoners of War: 6

Teal's Choice: 1

The Dragon's Companion: 1

Unexpected Diversions: 1

Total Paid Sales: 22

* Free ebook
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Should I be embarrassed that I've managed to sell a copy of Prisoners of War at (Amazon's German division)?

Please note that subject matter could be politely described as my "Oh, John Ringo, no!" novel, or less politely as Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS Meets Furry Fandom.

That's what I get for commissioning an upgraded cover from Wazzy...
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To celebrate the re-release of Triumvirate, I'm offering all of my other long form works on Smashwords for 50% off, until January 1st. So grab one now in case you get that e-reader you put on your Christmas list!

Captive of the Red Vixen

Promotional Code: RE22N
Regular Price: $1.99
With Promotional Code: $1.00

The Dragon's Companion

Promotional Code: AK98S
Regular Pice: $1.99
With Promotional Code: $1.00

Prisoners of War

Promotional Code: KM64R
Regular Price: $1.99
With Promotional Code: $1.00

Unexpected Diversions

Promotional Code: JJ63V
Regular Price: $2.99
With Promotional Code: $1.50
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Just got a notice in my email letting me know that Smashwords has transferred my sales profits for this quarter to my Paypal account to the tune of $49. That means since starting this publishing venture at Smashwords at the beginning of the year I've made more money so far than I ever did at my dead tree site at I strongly suspect the latter are looking at their business plan and wishing Amazon and their Kindle had never existed.

Conclusions so far:

1. I'm not surprised to find that Unexpected Diversions has been my most consistent seller. For one thing it's got the most professional looking cover, its length is significant compared to its cost, and as always Elfporn Sells. I'm a little more surprised by the profitability of The Dragon's Companion, but given that it's a compilation of three other stories, maybe people look at it and think "Bargain!" even though they weren't attracted to the individual stories before.

2. Kobo was a significant source of profit for my shorter stories. Hopefully the slack from its loss will be taken up by Barnes & Noble, my next biggest source of sales outside of Smashwords, but I'm not counting on it.

Edit: Rumors of Kobo's demise are apparently exaggerated. Nevermind.

3. Sony and Apple sales so far have been anemic.

4. Sales of Demon Eyes have been in the toilet, despite the nice cover by Wazzy. I'm not sure of the reason behind that. POW I'm less surprised by. The current cover is awful and the subject matter (furry erotica) is a little esoteric even by Smashwords standards.

5. I really need to get something new up soon. The last thing I published was back in April, which is far too long. I'm going to have to kick myself out of my funk and do some editing on Triumvirate with an eye getting it published before the end of September.

6. If I'm ever tempted to buy another ISBN from Smashwords, I'll be sure to punch myself in the head until I get over it.

7. The elephant in the room is going to be Amazon. Once Smashwords delivers my stuff to their Kindle store, I think the results are going to be significant. How significant is anyone's guess. There's an awful lot of choice there already and I may just be lost in the crowd. The question is whether I can get one or two sales there to start with and positive reviews to stir the waters a bit.

Problems for the Future

1. Cover Art. First impressions are everything and I need good cover art to make it. Unfortunately my own artistic and Photoshopping skills are terrible and given the sales on even my top selling items, I can't afford professional work. I might be able to trade art for prose with other artists like I did Wazaga, but I can't count on it.

2. Self-Promotion. I really suck at this and I don't know how to go about it without feeling like... well, a self-promoting ass. Nobody likes having commercials stuck in their face and the lower key stuff I've been doing like advertising on LJ and Facebook when I put something new out hasn't really been that effective. I might try and hit a Readercon or something similar to try and do a reading there. Other than that I'm at a loss.

In Summary: The Long Tail keeps growing...

Breaking down the numbers behind the cut )
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Demon Eyes (6446 words, $0.99): In the misty northern frontiers, the lady knight Dame Kiel encounters a strange, lonely bard along the roads, who brings blood and terror in her wake.

Prisoners of War (22,184 words, $1.99): On the eve of war with the nation of Gerwart, the brave Mother Country airship pilots Captain Reggie Sharptail and Leftenant Rolas Darktail are shot down over enemy territory and captured by the evil Major Softfur and her minion Lt. Swiftfoot. See if the brave boys hold out under their torture until rescue comes, in this erotic, furry, Dieselpunk adventure.

NOTE: POW is basically pr0n on the level Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS. Author is not responsible for readers suffering from blindness, hairy palms, speaking in cartoony German accents, or suddenly thinking that Laurell K. Hamilton's stuff isn't that bad.
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I willingly used the term DieselPunk to describe a story universe.

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