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Amazon KDP (finally) updated their data reports to include historic data, allowing me to see my total royalty profits over time.

Since I've started e-publishing there in September of 2011, I've made US$1952.70 in royalties, averaging $325.45 per year.

So, not "Quit my job" great, but not completely insignificant either. Not bad for a guy who's specialty is Furry themed light romances
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 The Complete Red Vixen Adventures is now available for pre-order in both Kindle ($5.99) and trade paperback ($19.99) for a June 1st. 2017 release.

Since 2011 readers have enjoyed the adventures of the Darktail family and their entanglements with the vivacious space pirate, the Red Vixen. Now this brand new collection gathers all the major stories in the series Captive of the Red Vixen, Shadow of the Red Vixen, Shadow of Her Sins, Shadow of Doubt, The Red Vixen at Sea and I Fought the Claw and the Claw Won, plus two never before published short stories "Solstice Gifts" and "The Parable of the Glassblower" along with an appendix featuring fun world building notes.
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Love on the beach... and the rocks.

Lady Melanie Lovejoy's former life as the vivacious space pirate the Red Vixen is over. Escaping the consequences of her criminal career proves more difficult, as her husband, Rolas, is seeming to reconsider the wisdom of marrying a vixen with such a checkered past. But he proves to have his own secrets, as a lover from his troubled youth returns to the scene.

Trying to reconcile their past lives, Melanie and Rolas leave on a sailing trip to work things out. However, after an unexpected storm strands their boat and leaves Rolas critically injured, Melanie must fight for both their lives. For there is a monster here, and it needs the two shipwrecked foxen for its own plans, in the final exciting entry of the
Red Vixen Adventures!

The Red Vixen at Sea is available for $2.99 exclusively through, and will release on May 26th, 2017.

(sorry about the crap cover art. I'll fix it when the opportunity presents itself.)
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So far I've been sitting on the next Red Vixen story and the collected edition for a bit over three months now trying to obtain cover art, dealing with two cover artists, one who bowed out apologetically and the other who has gone dark for almost a month. At this point it seems unlikely to happen unless I can get a thousand bucks through Kickstarter to pay Meg Syverud's going rate for two covers. I'm wondering if I should say to heck with it and just use Amazon's generic cover creator so I can at least get them out the door until I afford to get something more presentable.

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Picked up another sale. That makes about eight so far I think, discounting the four I bought myself..
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Woke up this morning to check my e-mail and found that [ profile] chaypeta had sent me the pdf for the wraparound cover. After some minor corrections (a couple of goofs on the back cover copy on my part and some argument with Lulu's automated system about the size) I successfully uploaded and completed the publishing process.

Now Unexpected Diversions is now available for purchase! Just $15.15 for the trade paperback, or a cheap $6.25 for a PDF download!

The Elf and the Beast

Betrayed, enslaved, and stripped of everything he owned, including the
shirt on his back, the ancient elf called Tez finds himself bought by
Maria the Beast-Kin, a woman who looks mostly human, but is really the
product of a wizard's alchemy. While trying to discover what his
eventual fate is to be, Tez finds himself drawn to the mystery of this
wizard's familiar turned landed lady. What does she want with him, and
why does she act far younger than she appears?

Together these two outcasts form a tentative alliance, and then a deep
partnership. By turns erotic, adventurous, and philosophical,
Unexpected Diversions explores Tez and Maria's deepening relationship,
as one of them tries to atone for the evils he has done, and the other
pays a steep price to obtain the only true form of immortality
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Okay, not as pointless it normally is, but I do want to hear your opinions.


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