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Based off some discussions with [ profile] chaypeta about the future plot of her Terinu comic.

Cut for hints of spoilers )
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Note: A continuation from this little bit of crack. Go look at Peta's wonderful pic to see exactly what he was wearing.

* * *

Melika looked at the pictures that Leeza had uploaded to Melika's palm comp from the bar, giggling to herself at the images of the sandy furred male vulpine lord twirling around in her old dress from her days at Madame Cher's Cabaret. "I am deeply disappointed at missing this," she informed him.

Rufus grinned back at her, pulling off what passed for a top (really not much more than a pair fabric strips) and tossing it onto the chair in their hotel suite's bedroom. "My apologies, dear," he said. "It was too good an opportunity to miss and I knew you wouldn't be back until early this morning."

"So how much did you win in the end?" she asked.

"We took pity on Lance after one hundred credits," he said. Rufus opened the drawer to his dresser drawer, eyebrows drawer together in surprise. "Mel, where did all my clothes go?" he asked.

"I put them back in your bag and locked them in the trunk of the skimmer," she told him

"So what am I supposed to wear?"

Mel smiled, showing off her fangs, and focused her palm comp's camera lens on him. "You'll get your clothes back in a bit. For now I've got a couple of dresses in the closet that I want you to model."
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SCENE: A spaceport bar. Lance, Leeza, Terinu and Rufus are hanging about at the bar, dressed for a casual evening out. Except for Rufus, who's wearing one of Melika's old cabaret costumes. He's looking rather smug at the moment and Lance is just annoyed.

Leeza: You lost the bet, Lance. Now be a good loser and pay up.

Lance (sighing): Right. It was a fiver for every pass Rufus got, right?

Terinu: Ten.

Lance: And he's gotten four so far.

Rufus: Ahem. Five, thank you. Three lads and two girls.

Lance: The twins were together!

Leeza: They still count separately, even if it was an offer of both at once. Now quit whinging and start paying for our tab.

Rufus: Face it, son. Even in a dress I'm still hot.

Terinu: I thought he was pretty hot before. (everyone stares) WHAT?

(Rufus Brushtail. Even straight men would find him attractive.)
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Part One of [ profile] chaypeta's Christmas present. I'm afraid when Part Two is completed, it'll only be for private viewing. :)

Nothing like last minute shopping. )
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A slightly delayed birthday present for [ profile] chaypeta

Hope you like it, Peta )
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1. Had the princely sum of $5.00 deposited into my PayPal account for the last sale of Unexpected Diversions.

2. Added a couple paragraphs to the long dormant sequel to Grace of God/Spin Recovery. Frankly, Alt-Rufus and Hazel are more fun to think about than poor Marty and Whitepelt at the moment. Even I can only take so much angst.

3. Had yet another comment added to TV Tropes entry for Good Landing (It's in the Tear Jerker section under the Fan Fiction subfolder) I'd actually forgotten that it had been published in Sabledrake.


Apr. 12th, 2009 08:18 am
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Just goofing around with one of the pictures I commissioned.

Cut for the alcohol impaired )

Space Bar

Apr. 9th, 2009 08:53 pm
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The second half of the commission I bought from Cheeko. It features an alternate universe version of [ profile] chaypeta's character, Rufus Brushtail, and his girlfriend Hazel, in a future scene from a story I've been piddling with.

Worksafe, unless you're squicked by artificial limbs )
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A little filler scene set in Spin Recovery

Crazy People )
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Still trying to figure out where my Flyboys file dissapeared to...

Your mission, Rufus, should you choose to accept it... )
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Yes, it's a new Alt-Ru & Hazel story. No, I haven't stopped working on Flyboys, I just had technical difficulties acessing the file at work so I decided to start something new until I could get to my backup copy.

You knew I couldn't write a sex scene without at least ONE bondage joke. )
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I found the mysterious missing file, yays! Turned out it I had been saving my work all Wendsday in the Temp Downloads folder, since I'd pulled it directly from my email to work on it. Anyway, the start of this part overlaps the part of the previous entry, since I prefer what I'd written here originally. Enjoy.

In Which Rufus Bares His Soul, and His Chest. )
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Okay, still not done yet but I've managed to recreate a few of the missing paragraphs to bring the next part of the scene to a logical mico-climax before I finish it (again).

In Which Which Rufus Oppresses a Peasant. )
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I'm cutting this scene in half just because it has been a week or so since the last bit. Hopefully [ profile] chaypeta won't mind me extrapolating massively about how the Vulpine government works. :)

In Which Rufus Subjects Hazel to a Civics Lesson )

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