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Just a little scene that I always imagined happening between Margo and Ali, but I never found a proper place to put it in the story.

* * *

Margo sat on the bunk in her cell aboard the Foxen Navy destroyer, staring through the diamondoid cell wall at the conniving bitch who had helped put her in there.

“Come to gloat, Ali-Kat?” she demanded. She ignored the grumble in her stomach. Dinner wasn’t for another hour by the cell’s clock, but she was already hungry. Always hungry these days. The half a year she’d hid out in Greenholme’s wilderness, forced to share her food with the pathetic bunch of survivors from her crew that she’d painstakingly gathered together for the raid, had left her thinned out and starved.

Just a bit, yes )
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I think I've got the opening for the next Salli and Ali story worked out. Because I'm sure Salli's parents are going to be perfectly okay with their daughter and Countess's heir marrying a Commoner that has a history of mass murder...
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...but I just realized the combined plot of Shadow of the Red Vixen and Shadow of Her Sins is basically the same as [ profile] haikujaguar's most excellent The Blade to Your Hand. Except I took about 90 mores pages to finish it.

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Just a reminder: To celebrate the release of Shadow of Her Sins, part four of the Red Vixen Adventures, the previous titles Captive of the Red Vixen and Shadow of the Red Vixen are available at the week of 2/14 through 2/20 for the reduced price $1.99, a 34% savings off their regular price!
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Summary: Good sales, though not as much as December. Best of all I finally finished the draft for Shadow of Her Sins, so I now can send it off to be beta read and massaged into a readable format.

Things to Do: Still need to write up some more For Your Safety stories to create an anthology or two. Now that SoHS is done I also want to work on Legacy of the Red Vixen again, probably starting with a page one rewrite.

After, more on Dragon Mom, Happily Ever After and Space Cinderella.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: 4 (2 UK)

Demon Eyes: 1

For Your Safety: 10 (1 UK)

Good Landing: 23 *

I Fought the Claw & the Claw Won: 6 (1 UK)

Mimsey’s Tale: 7 (1 CA)

Prisoners of War: 4 (1 IT)

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 3 (1 UK)

Teal's Bargain: 1

The Dragon's Companion: 5

Unexpected Diversions: 1

Total Paid Sales: 42
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Summary: Much better sales this month. I'm still a believer in the Christmas Bump, as I managed to get five sales alone on Christmas Day. Adding in the total year's sales from Smashwords and I've easily topped five hundred dollars in pre-tax profit. That's a first in the three years or so that I've been selling my stories online.

Things to Do: Before Spring comes, I'm going to finish Shadow of Her Sins. My goal after that is two write a couple of more stories in the pre-Ring era of For Your Safety and release an anthology, then perhaps a second one focusing on life on the Ring, or perhaps just a smut book with Quisling and Khan.

Beyond that, I've got an opening to Legacy of the Red Vixen that badly needs revising. In 2013 I only published Mimsey's Tale and I Fought the Claw... and I'm hoping to improve on that. If I can get a few more stories published, and sales remain consistent, this whole operation is going to become a significant part of my income.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: 4

For Your Safety: 13

Good Landing: 10 *

I Fought the Claw & the Claw Won: 5 (1 CA)

Mimsey’s Tale: 12

Prisoners of War: 3 (1 IT)

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 7 (1 CA)

Teal's Bargain: 1 (1 CA)

Teal's War: 1 (1 CA)

Teal's Choice: 1 (1 CA)

Total Paid Sales: 47
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Summary: Low sales month compared to the last one, hampered by two or three dickweeds dissatisfied customers who bought at least ten different stories and then immediately sent them back. I'm absolutely certain that they didn't save a copy off line to read anyway. [/sarcasm] Also for some reason there were absolutely no overseas this month, for not particular reason I could see.

Things to Do: Still plugging away at Shadow of her Sins, albeit slowly. Doubt if I'm going to finish it before the end of the year, but hopefully I will before the end of January or February.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: 6

For Your Safety: 8

Good Landing: 11 *

I Fought the Claw & the Claw Won: 5

Mimsey’s Tale: 5

Prisoners of War: 1

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 4

Teal's Bargain: 1

Teal's War: 1

Teal's Choice: 1

The Dragon’s Companion: 1

Total Paid Sales: 33
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Summary: Flat sales this month on CotRV and SotRV, leavened by better than average sales on Mimsey’s Tale and I Fought the Claw, plus a really bizarre run on Good Landing that I just can’t explain.
Things to Do: Still working on Shadow of Her Sins. Up to around 9k words and a firmed up plot. IN the meantime I’ve been doing a series of Batman related fanfics which have gotten the attention of Ryk Spoor, who is encouraging me to expand them into an Elseworlds proposal for DC! Not sure how that will pan out but I’m going to try to work on a formal outline this month in-between the drabbles.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: 3

For Your Safety: 1

Good Landing: 75 (2 CA) *

I Fought the Claw & the Claw Won: 13 (1 IT)

Mimsey’s Tale: 12

Prisoners of War: 3

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 2

Total Paid Sales: 34

*Free ebook
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Summary: A better month than the last one, with sales of CotRV and SotRV getting back normal, and quite pleasing sales on FYS and Mimsey’s Tale. Also finally got my first reviews of the FYS series, two nice ones on Smashwords and a bit less glowing one for Mimsey’s Tale on Amazon.

I Fought the Claw & the Claw Won went to press towards the end of the month. Initial sales are not encouraging, given I sold two, and one of those was my copy. If sales don’t pick up in October I may reduce the price. $2.99 might be a bit much for a somewhat slim story.

Things to Do: With IFtC out, I’m able to work again on Shadow of Her Sins. Up to a bit over 6k words and four chapters. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep the pace up and get this out around Christmas time.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: 7 (1 UK, 1 CA)

For Your Safety: 12 (2 CA)

Good Landing: 19 *

I Fought the Claw & the Claw Won: 2

Mimsey’s Tale: 13 (1 CA)

Prisoners of War: 2 (1 UK, 1 CA)

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 5

Teal's Bargain: 2 (1 UK)

Teal's War: 1

Teal's Choice: 1

The Dragon’s Companion: 1

Unexpected Diversions: 1

Total Paid Sales: 47
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Summary: A definite WTF month. It seemed for a quite a while I was going to just get a single sale on everything except Mimsey's Tale, which I think got boosted a bit by Amazon's usual “If you bought this you might want to check out” spam mails. But things perked up a little in the last week with the usual furry suspects.

Things to Do: I Fought the Claw is done and at the beta-readers. Once it comes back it'll be published immediately. Got inspired to do a sequel to Shadow of the Red Vixen titled Shadow of Her Sins, focusing on Ali. Before that can be done I really need to finish the story I owe Waz for Mimsey's cover art.

Thought briefly about begging [ profile] seawasp for a blurb to use for For Your Safety given he's complimented it in other journals, but decided that would be A) Tacky, B) Possibly put him in conflict with his publishers, which would not be good for a Real Author.

I suspect if I ever asked [ profile] james_nicoll, his response would be along the lines of “If you want the existential despair of Jack Williamson's The Humanoids and the good natured recycling of Disney's Robin Hood this is the story for you.” ;p

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: 3

For Your Safety: 2

Good Landing: 17 *

Mimsey’s Tale: 17

Prisoners of War: 1

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 3

Teal's Bargain: 1

Teal's War: 1

Teal's Choice: 1

Triumvirate: 1

Unexpected Diversions: 2

Total Paid Sales: 30

*Free ebook
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I Fought the Claw & the Claw Won: Finished. Made initial pass on corrections, sending hardcopy out to a dedicated beta-reader.

Shadow of Sins: Had some free time at work while training newbie and have finished the first one and a half chapters. Poor, poor Ali...
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Summary: Another broad but shallow month. Lots of sales across the board but no real spikes on any of them.

Things to Do: I'm pausing on my 365 Days of Drabbles project so I can push forward on I Fought the Claw. As an interim piece I'm re-working Mimsey's Tale for sale as a $0.99 story. I've already commissioned Wazaga for the cover, just waiting on pricing.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: 4

Demon Eyes: 1

For Your Safety: 3

Good Landing: 20*

Prisoners of War: 4 (1 DE, +1 borrow)

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 6

The Dragon's Companion: 2

Teal's Bargain: 1

Teal's War: 2

Teal's Choice: 2

Triumvirate: 1

Unexpected Diversions: 1

Total Paid Sales: 27

*Free ebook
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Summary: Well that sucked.

Things to Do: Work continues apace on I Fought the Claw.... I'm trying to alternate my daily drabble with a minimum of 100 words on the story. So far so good. Still need a coherent plot for Space Cinderelle and Dragon Mom before I can seriously consider making a real story out of either of them. And then there's Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: 4 + 2 borrows

For Your Safety: 4

Good Landing: 21*

Prisoners of War: 3 (1 DE)

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 6 (1 IT)

The Dragon's Companion: 2 (1 DE, 1 IT)

Triumvirate: 1

Total Paid Sales: 20

*Free ebook
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For [ profile] aldersprig: "Chains"

* * *

"Alinadar," Salli said, "why aren't you asleep?"

"Sorry, I can't," Ali said, rubbing the base of her throat as she sat up in bed. "I wore Miss... Lady Melanie's collar for so long, it just doesn't feel right without it."

Nearly ten years, by Salli's reckoning. She added insomnia to the list of sins she was making against her sister-in-law. "I don't want you to wear..." she stopped at Ali's sinking expression. "Only this once," she amended.

The chain she found was heavy with pure silver, and fitted close to Ali's throat.

Salli didn't ask why she'd carried the lock.
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Late on my self-imposed schedule, I know.

Summary: Not bad, not great, but better than April is shaping up to be, which is utterly terrible.

Things to Do: I believe I'm finally over my writing drought. I've been moving forward on I Fought the Claw... and have added at least a page to it, after sitting and staring at it for a couple of months now. Having Nez's beautiful cover to guilt spur me on is a big help.

I swear it has to be honestly SAD related. Over the winter I just could not work up the energy to do anything beyond the drabbles, and even they were a chore. Now I've been bopping along doing at least 200 words a day.

After I get IFtC done and off to the beta readers, I think my next thing will be to write a short, coherent story concerning Dragon Mom. She's proving really popular among my drabble audience. After that, perhaps I can do something with Science Fiction Cinderella. Further on I've still got an itch to write a For Your Safety gaming worldbook, but I'm more likely to make it systemless now since doing one for GURPS is not really an option as it turns out.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: 4 (1 UK)

Demon Eyes: 1

For Your Safety: 5

Good Landing: 34*

Prisoners of War: 9

Shadow of the Red Vixen>: 6

Triumvirate: 1

Total Paid Sales: 26

* Free ebook
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Posting this on my regular LJ to encourage myself to finish it. Spoilers for Shadow of the Red Vixen.

Posts will continue every Friday until I run out of material.

Part One

* * *

So at that point I was sans fighter, just the cockpit from Sweet Blade and its minimal life support, hurtling along at several klicks per second away from the pirate that had just blasted me. Dead meat basically, once I'd used up the oxygen from the ejection pod's supply and the emergency bottles in my suit. Call it three days remaining if I was very lucky.

Fortunately, he's a lucky guy. )
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For [ profile] ankewehner: "Shopping trip"

"What do you get for the male who wants nothing?" Salli asked, looking over the line shop windows with dejection. Birthday shopping for her brother could be a terrible chore sometimes.

"A punching bag?" Alinadar suggested.

"That… actually would be appropriate. But no. I want to get him something that's more… refined. Besides, there's one in the manor's gymkata already."


"He doesn't wear any."


"Maybe." Salli scratched her ear in distraction. "He doesn't wear toe rings, or earrings normally.

Alinadar's ears turned red. "And likely not a necklace either, um, or bracelets, or anklets."

"Definitely not," Salli agreed.
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Summary: A month of good, solid sales. There was definitely as bit of a post-Christmas bump, likely from either new Kindle owners and/or people using Amazon gift cards. A slightly weird anomaly with CotRV however, as it received ten sales, but was refunded three times. Either three people thought better of their purchase, or one person was seriously waffling.

Meanwhile, overseas sales were basically dead, with only one purchase from Great Britain. Have to if that picks up next month at all, and whether I can persuade anybody over there to offset my lousy COtRV review on the UK site with slightly better ones.

Things to Do: Aside from managing my one hundred words a day from my 365 Days of Drabbles project I've been struggling to put anything down on (virtual) paper. The muse just ain't there, which is especially frustrating since I seriously owe Naziha her story in payment for her cover art work. Hopefully I'll finish up I Fought the Claw soon after that, and then get seriously cracking on Legacy of the Red Vixen.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: Paid 8 (1 UK) , Borrowed 3

For Your Safety: 7

Good Landing: 42 (Free)

Prisoners of War: 12

Shadow of the Red Vixen: Paid 12, Borrowed 1

The Dragon's Companion: 1
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Summary: Going back to a more average sales month after the brisk opening sales of Shadow of the Red Vixen from November. Sales of CotRV were down as I hunted illegal pdfs on various torrent sites, alas. The new cover for Triumvirate seems to have aided in its sales. Two sales doesn't sound very impressive, but it's better than one over three or four months, which is what I was averaging previously.

The real surprise was the dead overseas sales. Usually I can count on three or four of my various titles in the UK. This month there was only one borrow of CotRV. I didn't get any other international sales, not even Germans buying POW.

I'll have to watch my January sales to see if I get my usual mild bump from people getting new Kindles in their stockings for Christmas.

Things to Do: Legacy of the Red Vixen is proceeding very slowly still. December was a hyper busy month for me, and my depression has been really kicking me motivation to write. I also need to finish a short piece for Nez to pay for the Triumvirate cover, which is also crawling.

Further into the future the For Your Safety universe is still tugging at me, as is In Goddess's Hand. May work some on the former, since short stories are more fitting to my mood/motivation right now.

End of Year Summary will be along in a few days.

Sales Report:

Captive of the Red Vixen: Paid 4 , Borrowed 3 (1 UK)

Demon Eyes: 1

For Your Safety: 6

Good Landing: 36 (Free)

Prisoners of War: 8

Shadow of the Red Vixen: Paid 10, Borrowed 2

The Dragon's Companion: 3

Triumirate: 2
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For [ profile] rix_scaedu. "A surprise package"

(spoilers for "Legacy of the Red Vixen")

* * *

"What is it?" Alinadar asked, turning the small box over in her hands.

"There are certain protocols to this sort thing that I'm ignoring," Salli said. She'd taken an emergency dose of her anti-anxiety meds. She was still shaking. "Can't ask your head of household for permission, since your family is gone. I'm not asking mine either, since technically I outrank Mother now."

"But what is it?"

"Open it and see."

Ali popped open the lid. Nestled in a bed velvet were two matching golden commitment bracelets, decorated with silver inlay.

"Alinadar Waterfarmer, would you be my wife?" Salli gasped.

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