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My annual Christmas fic for [ profile] chaypeta. Many thanks to [ profile] ankewehner for beta reading.

Goodwill towards Men )
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Nez the Wazagan from The Summer Intern comes under some pressure from home. A disconnected bit from a larger sequel I'll write later.

Find it behind the cut )
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Da Rulz: Write down the names of ten of your original characters, then click on the cut tag and answer the questions.

Borrowed from Wazaga


1. Tez the Eldest Elf
2. Maria the Beastkin
3. Teal the Bard
4. Philosopher the Dragon
5. Rolas the Vulpine Lord
6. Hazel the Vulpine Pilot
7. Nan the Vulpine Student
8. Nez the Wazagan
9. Alt-Rufus the Vulpine
10. Alt-Melika the Vulpine.

Questions and answers behind the cut. )
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It was generally agreed by historians, that the races under the thumb of the Varn Dominion decided humans were dangerously insane when Rugby was first demonstrated to them. When Australian Rules Football (classified as "Assault With Intent to Maim" on most worlds outside of the Human Federation) was shown off, they realized that humans might also have a shot at throwing off the Dominion's yoke.

Both of those sports paled in comparison to the sheer bloody violence of Ferin Treeball. )
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For [ profile] chaypeta's prompt of "Skyler's first flying lesson"

The instructor hated training Ferin. You could never fault them for laziness, unlike some of the cublings he'd taught, but they just couldn't have the hunter's instinct that a true fighter pilot required. "All right, Cadet," he greeted laconically. "You go by a name or do I have to say 'Hey you' twenty times a session?"

"I'm Cadet Skyler, sir!" the purple haired Ferin said brightly, snapping off a salute.

"Okay, Skyler. What kind of aircraft are we looking at?"

"It's a Roanwing Aerospace TJ-16 atmospheric trainer, sir! It has two hydrogen fueled turbojets capable of 0.7 Kn thrust each with a maximum sea level speed of 430 kph and a range of 730 kilometers."

"All right, let's see you go through the take off checklist." They climbed aboard the small training craft and strapped in. The instructor listened carefully as Skyler went through the craft's startup procedure. The little grey fellow must have done his homework, for the engines started without so much of a cough of back burning hydrogen and he taxied it flawlessly to the end of the runway. "Very good, Cadet. Now what's the next step?"

Skyler turned his head back to face him briefly and grin. "We punch it!"

About thirty seconds later, once they leveled off, the cadet asked, "Are you all right, sir?"

"Just... revising... my opinion..." he gasped.
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For [ profile] mjkj's prompt of, " A continuation with Nan and Nez at the First One's sanctuary."

Den Mother help me, I'm slashing my own characters )
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Here's an image of Nan Rey Clawstroke, my OC from The Summer Intern, courtesy of [ profile] chaypeta, a young college vixen who has opportunity to intern under the First Free Ferin. It turns out to be a bit more exciting than she intended.

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Okay, the fact that I've used the Rape Trigger warning three times already in this story is mighty sad. :(

Nan and Nez, two badass motherinterns )

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