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SCENE: We start in medias res inside Lord Dark’s Air Fortress. The animation style looks to be the height of mid-1980’s syndicated cartoons.

Assuming it was done by Filmation.

Towards the end of the season.

When the budget was getting a bit tight.

Two WAZAGANS, NEZ the TECHNOMAGE and CHEEKO the PIRATE-NINJA, run down the hallway, pursued by SIR ANIMOSITY and several ROBO-CRUSADERS. The two wazagans skid to a halt as they reach a dead end.

From here it gets rough... )
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"...Not the brightest idea to threaten a kid in front of his mum. Especially when she has fangs and claws."

If you like sci-fi, or webomics, and you're not reading [ profile] chaypeta's webcomic Terinu, there's something wrong with you.
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Weird dreams last night. I was at a diner and [ profile] chaypeta was upstairs in the diner's office doing layouts for her webcomic on huge pieces of poster sized drawing paper. Only page visible was one of Rufus doing decidedly un-Rufus-like violence to poor Terinu and Matt. 0_o I think I need to skip eating the homemade jambalaya before bedtime.
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After four long years of hiatus, [ profile] chaypeta is posting new pages to her science fiction webcomic Terinu. Current update schedule is once a week so she doesn't run through her margin too quickly. Come on over and give it the love it deserves!
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My daughter Georgia as a ferin from [ profile] chaypeta's Terinu webcomic, sketched by Neziha Zahed.

 photo GeorgiatheFerin_zps133a1fd4.jpg
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Because I've crossed over [ profile] chaypeta's Terinu with everything else, I may as well with my stories.

If the Varn Dominion showed up in Earth's system after humanity was transferred to the Ring, both sides might have a bit of a dilemma. The Varn would appreciate the Groupmind's dedication to cleaning up the Earth's environment, and obviously the Ring represents a significant leap in materials technology from the Dominion's standard. OTOH the Groupmind AI they'd only regard as a threat, particularly after it poo-poo's the idea of Varn godhead.

Gripping Hand, the Groupmind itself would prefer to have peaceable relations with the Varn, but it's got too many alien invasion movies in its archives not to be suspicious of Varn motives. And given its cavalier willingness to sacrifice its own sentient morph AI's for humanity's sake, I'm not sure exterminating the Varn, Ferin, Creo, Galen, and the Vulpine would bother it at all.
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Just has a thought about Lance.

Dude is just your average dumb jarhead marine who likes to blow things up. Who just *happens* to know enough about forgery and internal security to get Leeza into Bio-tech, get his auntie and him high enough passes into a prison that they could lay explosives all over the place, and break into Leeza's cell to rescue her. Oh, and he was carrying a bug powerful enough to transmit from Admiral Blake's office, which you'd think would be shielded from that sort of thing.

If he isn't an agent working for either Military Security or the Federation's civilian branch, I'll eat my hat. ;p
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A quick sketch of Nez the medical student from my Terinu fanficThe Summer Intern, drawn by her namesake, Naziha Zahed.

Doctor Nez photo DoctorNez_zpsf258c835.png
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I now want to do similar a thing for EPIC WEBCOMIC RAPS. Just off the top of my head I can think of:

Terinu (Terinu) vs. Ranu (One Question)

Subjects: Which has the worse life as a weird looking grey skinned orphan, and who's artists have a (ahem) highly sporadic update schedule.

Schlock (Schlock Mercenary) vs. Florence (Freefall)

Subject: Being a murderous ball of poo vs a happy slave, and who has the more epic comics archive.

Agatha (Girl Genius) vs. Caprice (A Miracle of Science)

Subjects: Who has the better Mad Scientists, though I'd probably throw in some kind of dig at GG's obnoxious use of Webcomic Time.
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I'm halfway sure that the next Red Vixen book is going to feature Rolas and Melanie's kids, and is probably going to take place on SPOILER, at least part of the way through the plot.

I'm horribly tempted to have Ali casually mention to them all the trouble they're having with those stupid long tailed tree dwelling marsupial humanoids in the woods nearby and how tempted she is to just shoot the little bastards...
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I didn't think that was possible.

(Warning: Some mildly NSFW images)

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Just a reminder to those who may not have heard. Terinu, a science-fiction webcomic written and drawn by Australian Peta [ profile] chaypeta Hewitt is back online after the website was hacked several months ago, and is reposting the archives a few pages at a time to drawn in new readers. Now is a good time to start reading as the first major story arc is coming to its climax.
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Spring is here and my writing muse is getting into gear one again. Hurrah. Shadow of the Red Vixen is coming along, but I've been contemplating modifying the plot a bit to take advantage of a possible spin off.

For those of you who didn't know already, Captive of the Red Vixen started off as an AU fanfic inspired by [ profile] chaypeta's Terinu webcomic. In the original story Melanie was actually Melika Softpaw's AU counterpart, who never met Terinu and ended up becoming a space pirate. Since CotRV was nearly independent from the Terinu universe anyway, it was easy to modify into an original story.

A previously written story called "Spin Recovery" concerned Rufus Brushtail's AU counterpart, who instead of being a honorable, happy-go-lucky star pilot, ended up being a drunken, drug addicted wreck. Now even though he's based off of Rufus, their personalities are almost completely different. It'll take some work (mostly deleting the sub-plot with his knowledge of the secret of the Ferin and Commander Blake's vendetta against him) but I think I can also sell it as an original.

Firs though, I have to find a plausible way to introduce him into SotRV. I have some ideas, which will be helpful, since it'll further distance his origins from Rufus. have to see how the story plays out, and make sure introducing him doesn't interfere with hte main plot of Salli and Ali's developing relationship.


Dec. 19th, 2011 07:14 pm
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The Terinu site is back up!
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My annual Christmas fic for [ profile] chaypeta. Many thanks to [ profile] ankewehner for beta reading.

Goodwill towards Men )
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Nez the Wazagan from The Summer Intern comes under some pressure from home. A disconnected bit from a larger sequel I'll write later.

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