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To Do:

Need to get back to work on The Summer Intern.

Revise Prisoners of War to remove Terinu references (mostly name changes and removing refs to the Holy Den Mother) for publication on Smashwords.

Commission cover art for same.

Start to revise Triumvirate before throwing it to the wolves Germans for beta.

Commission cover art for same before posting to Smashwords.

Distant Future: Poke at The Ship and Assassinating the Dead and see if there's life.

Sales Report:

Got a couple of sales on Captive of the Red Vixen but it's not doing as well TDC or UD. I'm guessing it's because the narrow appeal of a furry based story. I'm also becoming convinced that Smashwords makes most of its profits selling ISBN numbers. Of the $40 or so I'm made on this venture so far, $30 has gone to buying ISBN's for The Dragon's Companion, Unexpected Diversions, and Captive. Also, I'm debating whether to put up a lot of individual short stories at cheaper prices or aim more towards long form tales at higher prices. More profit is to be had from the latter, but a variety in former might mean more overall sales as customers have a variety to pick through. Have to think on that.
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You know all those Big Name authors who writes books with time travel, or about dystopian futures or genetic engineering and then insist what they're writing is Literature and not science fiction?  I think they're onto something.

Science Fiction is not, in and of itself, a genre per se,  at least in my head.  It's a landscape.  Say sci-fi to anyone and the first thing that will probably come up is ships grandly floating through the void.  But that's just a place.  What happens in that landscape defines the story.  Star Trek?  Gene Roddenberry pitched it as "Wagon Train to the Stars", and more often it was a flat out morality play.   Wrath of Khan could be described as "Horatio Hornblower in Space" (note the uniform change between that movie and ST:TMP, with all the military braid and brass added in).  Firefly is explicitely a post-Civil War western.  Mil-SF requires litte explanation, nor Planetary Romance. 

Even so-called "Hard SF" is always about more than just making observations about pretty spaceships flying around.  Heinlien wrote a family comedy with The Rolling Stones and explored the nature of duty in both Space Cadet and his later Starship Troopers.  Asimov's I Robot stories were mysteries at their heart, made more explicit by the time of Caves of Steel.  At his most cardboard even Clarke's books were about men overcoming obstacles, either to build a great engineering achievement (The Fountains of Paradise) or exploring and examining a a strange alien environment (Rendevous With Rama). 

Even my Big Damned Sci-Fi Novel is an homage to the great treasure hunt novels of the past, most specifically the The Treasure of Sierra Madre.  The spaceships in it are background, a comfortable environment so the readers will have their assumptions set, which make overturning one or two of them all the more fun.

So maybe those so-called "Literary" writers are onto something after all.
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Okay, I've created the private account [ profile] the_ship_beta for posting chapters of my novel, and I'll get the first entry up shortly. Everyone who requested to see it in my previously journal entry has been friended already, so you should see the account in your friends list.
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Finished "Arc" recently. Yays.

"Assasinating the Dead" and "The Ship" still moribund though.

Started writing a bit of Leeza/Andrea smut, to improve on the gift fic I did for [ profile] kikibug13 that I was never satisfied with.

And finally I'm probably going to make one or two people upset when I finish and post the next bit on "Altered Trajectory". Poor, poor [SPOILER]
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After over a year of work.... I'm 1/5 of the way through. sighs Had a really good day Monday, then I putzed out for the rest of the week. On the plus side I did figure out how to move the plot forward, and I ditched some painfully artificial stupidity on Paul's part and just moved up the big reveal. I also added to Miraps character by having him do something that squicked me out. Turns out he's going to be a touch more villainous than I'd originally intended.

Goal: 100,000 words
Words this week: 1,113
Words Total: 20,079
Words to Go: 79,971

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Almost a thousand words today. Go me.

Goal: 100,000 words
Words today: 996
Words Total: 18,946
Words to Go: 81,054

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Over fifteen hundred words written in the past three days! It's a streak!

Meanwhile, Tom gets a clean bill of health from the health department, just in time for Georgia to catch some kind of cough and fever. Sigh. And we've got three weeks worth of schoolwork to help Tom through in two days before he goes back Monday.

On the plus side, it gives us more ammunition to justify his summer school assignment.

Quote of the Week:

“Trust me on this, Paul, please,” Mirap asked.

He sighed. “I hate it when you say that to me. It inevitably means we’re going to get into trouble.”

“No doubt.” Mirap’s smile was not reassuring

Goal: 100,000 words
Words This Week: 1634
Words Total: 17,950
Words to Go: 82,050

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Spring must be coming, I'm writing again on The Ship's Two Hearts. Added a bit over five hundred words yesterday, hopefully more tomorrow. Today's progress was interrupted by having to help train the New Guy at work. It's progressing along nicely and I've got a fair idea of where the plot is going in this section. The downside is [ profile] moonshadowed would rather I be working in the Dead Lincoln universe and I'm putting off editing the stories for Unexpected Diversions.

Meanwhile in Tom's digestive tract, we're still waiting to hear the results of the latest tests from the county health department. They're wary of having his pediatrician order anti-biotics because his case of shigella is so weird. Normally the cycle for the infection is around three or four days, but his dragged out to more like nine, so they're afraid that giving him the wrong dosage might make things worse.

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Goal: 100,000 words
Words This Week: 172
Words Total: 16,316
Words to Go: 83,684

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This week was stolen by a court visit, doctor's appontment and a sick day.

Goal: 100,000 words
Words This Week: 368
Words Total: 16,144
Words to Go: 83,856

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Actually got something written on this, this week. Not much mind you, but some progress is better than nothing.

Goal: 100,000 words
Words This Week: 489
Words Total: 15,776
Words to Go: 84,723

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I must write more on The Ship. I've got a little momentum going, I can't lose it now to TV Tropes! I just can't!
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Captive of the Red Vixen: Need to figure out what the next scene will be. I already know what the climax is, but I'm going to need a bit more buildup to it.

Andrea's Story: I'm going to try and get this done after finishing off CotRV. About a month or so ago I finally decided that the Andrea Plays Detective plot with all the elves was basically crap, but I want to keep the relationship stuff between her and Jonathan. So about going to have to chuck a few thousand words into the delete bin and re-write it (including the "Andrea the Harem Slave" bit, alas.) I have got to finish it, especially given that [ profile] chaypeta generously completed that cover art for me.

From there I'm going to have to make some decisions about formatting all of the Tez and Maria stories, so I finally put them together to sell on Lulu. My goal is to get it out, if not by the end of the year (unlikely) at least before spring of 2009.

The Ship: And then it'll be time to get back to this. I'm going to have to do some brainstorming on the plot to get it moving again.
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This is all that I've written in the past five days. I haven't the faintest idea what the next sentence will be, much less where the chapter will lead.

* * *

The three week transit passed slowly for Paul. Most of it he spent on the Rocky Mountains’ bridge, keeping his daily watch at the controls. Outside of that time he tried to familiarize himself with the executive transport’s system quirks. Despite Rocky’s protestations that it was in perfect functioning order, like every ship it had its minor system issues that were less expensive to ignore and work around, rather that go to the trouble of stripping the starship down completely to find the source of the problem.

The search would have gone quite a bit more easily if he’d had a chance to pick S.C.’s brain. Unfortunately the engineer had kept herself secluded in the ship’s drive section, minding the delicate stardrive as it pushed itself back against the wildly variable gravitational fields of hyperspace. He could hardly blame her for the attention to duty, though it hurt to watch her limp into the galley twice daily to shovel a meal into her mouth, before returning to her post. The bags under her eyes seemed to grow larger every day, and he was forced to wonder how much sleep she could possibly be getting while they were under way.
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Life with Georgia has been an exercise in accomidation the past week. Raising Thomas has proven helpful preperation in some ways, but not so much in others. On the plus side, having experience with a (until relatively recently) a largely non-verbal child has prepared us for interpeting Georgia's needs. Right now she only speaks baby-talk Mandrian and sometimes "Mama!" Though Tracy has managed teach her how to sign "Want more!" for when we're feeding her. Otherwise it's all guess work and pointing, but having gone through the same thing with Thomas has been good preperation.

On the other hand, this is our first experience in raising a normal active two-year old. Two year old Thomas tended to... well, bluntly, sit a lot, lost in his own little world. Georgia by comparison is almost constantly in motion, unless she's getting fed in her high chair or sleeping. She's also becoming quite fearless, going from being frightened by the cats to actually chasing them down. She hasn't quite gotten the hang of petting them properly, but hopefully that skill will come before one of them starts nipping at her.

On a personal front, I seem to have become drained creatively. I've hit a wall with The Ship that I can't seem to push myself past. Just the idea of starting on it again seems like trying to shovel molassas. I know it's all head games I'm playing with myself, but I just can't work up the enthusiasm to start again, and I'm afraid if I switch over to writing fanfic again the motivation to finally finish something original will dissapear.

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Slowly moving forward...

Quote o' the Day:

"Isn't there anything you need?"

"Find the Starlight... Lt. Lao..." She straightened up, the effort costing her dearly judging from the expression on her face. "Then... I can finally die."

Goal: 100,000 words
Words Today: 391
Words Total: 15,277
Words to Go: 84,723

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I'm barely making any headway now, mostly because we're working on an uber-project at work caused by a long term care pharmacy's gross incompetence. So no real chance to sneak in writing except on my breaks. I may end moving the thing to Google Docs and working on it at home. I was playing with it to work on Captive of the Red Vixen last night and it seemed to work well.

Quote o' the Day:

“We don’t have bioroids in the League of Worlds. It’s easier and cheaper to just train a human being or give them the proper equipment to do their job, rather than try and create a specialized being that would serve in slavery.”

“Self replicating… labor pool…” she said, letting out another wheezing laugh. At his confused look S.C. added, “Old joke.”

“You don’t tell very funny jokes.”

Goal: 100,000 words
Words Today: 82
Words Total: 14,886
Words to Go: 85,114

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I'm amused by Paul's shock and horror over S.C's status, while he blandly ignores the fact that the starship's A.I. is basically in the same position. Get that beam out of your eye, Lt. Lao!

Quote o' the Day:

He considered that one for a moment. “You’re her slave?”

“Not slave… only humans… can be… enslaved…” she wheezed. “Possession.

“You’re a thinking being, even if you were born in a genesis tank. You can’t just be owned.”

She gave him another smile, one that reminded him of similar such looks that his mothers had given him when he was young and ignorant. “You’re sweet… Lieutenant.”

Goal: 100,000 words
Words Today: 686
Words Total: 14,804
Words to Go: 85,196

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Finally got a bit back on track after being distracted on the third by having to go to the doctor due to nearly spearing myself through the thigh with an old curtain rod. The rest of weekend was eaten up by holiday festivities (ie: lying around being lazy)

Quote o' the Day:

“You’ve basically been stolen for a wild goose chase. That doesn’t bother you a bit?”

My opinion was not consulted by Madame Khoury. I will admit I am not looking forward to an attempt to transit an uncharted hyperspace route.

“Neither am I,” Paul admitted. “I’ll try not to scrag… I mean I’ll try to bring us through in one piece.”

The sentiment is appreciated, Lieutenant.

Goal: 100,000 words
Words Today: 529
Words Total: 14,118
Words to Go: 85,882

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