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Summary: Born into a primitive tribe sometime after an apparent robot apocalypse, young Aloy is sentenced at birth to be an Outcast, for reasons unknown to her. Raised by her fellow outcast and father figure/mentor Rost, she trains hard to enter the Proving, a coming of age ceremony that, if she passes at age nineteen, will welcome her into the tribe and allow her to get answers to her questions about her origin.

Winning the Proving and entry to her tribe proves to be just the beginning of her search for answers, as Aloy travels across the world, trying to discover her heritage and investigate why the Machines, previously passive and not interfering with humans, have become increasingly deranged and dangerous these past nineteen years…

Gorgeous Devestation )
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On YouTube. Link 1/2 hour before it starts.
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A brief broadcast I did this morning.

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Specifically Hopps/Wesker shipping fanart.

No I'm not linking to the art. Give me some credit for taste.
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...and I'm still in the Tutorial basically. Liking it so far though.

Some thoughts and spoilers behind the cut )
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I shall be attempting (offspring willing) to do a Fallout 4 livestream around 7:30 or 8pm EST tonight. This will be my first time playing so you can see my honest reactions to the game.
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While the Arkham games are pretty much GrimDark with an extra helping of Dead Parents for that added bit of angst, you can find a lot of humor in the mook chatter Batman can eavesdrop on during the games. Particularly in Knight a lot of the rioters on the streets express things like wanting to grab toys for their kids or anger at the Arkham Knight's militia trying to take over the city.

And in one random moment you can hear this:

Miltia: My wife doesn't know what I'm doing. She thinks I'm here on a business trip.

2nd Miltia: Yeah, my husband doesn't know either.

Please bear in mind all the militia in the game are male. :)
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Writing discipline remains shite. Currently transcribing more words down on The Quisling's Tale after completing Batman: Arkham Knight. [1] Definitely got the "I'm not a REAL writer" bug niggling at the back of my brain.

[1] Short Review: Excellent game overall with extraordinary writing, but derailed badly by a Batmobile with shite controls and too many car related puzzles
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For your viewing pleasure, I'll be restarting my game of Batman: Arkham Night for viewing (with commentary by me) on Ustream. Username: Terinu​ at 7pm EST tonight
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I've got more written on The Quisling's Tale, but it's all in longhand and my attention is currently fixated on completing Batman: Arkham Knight. I'll get it transferred to Word as soon as I can and start posting again.

Yes, I'm crap at Writing Discipline.

Also, is Gotham City an independent city state or something? Because if you can evac the city in 24 hours so the only people on the streets are thugs and mercenaries, you could certainly get the National Guard in to defend against the announced chemical weapons attack!
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...with a running commentary, and I need to know how people want to watch it. The choices are to livestream it through either Ustream or Twitch, or post a replay on YouTube.

I've got until 6/23 to figure this out, but I'd like to know what would get the widest audience.

[Poll #2013147]
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Because I've never actually grown up...

Movies (blu-ray)

1. Much Ado About Nothing (2013)
2. 2001: A Space Odyssey
3. Things to Come (Criterion Collection)
4. Death Race 2000


1. Max Headroom, the Complete Series
2. Walt Disney Treasures: On the Front Lines.

Video Games (PS3)

1. LEGO Marvel Superheroes
2. LEGO Star Wars III, The Clone Wars
3. The Sly Collection
4. Sly Cooper, Thieves in Time


1. Spheres of Influence, Ryk E. Spoor
2. Black Dogs, Ursula Vernon

Board/Card Games

1. Elder Sign
2. Last Night on Earth, The Zombie Game
3. Castle Panic
4. Star Fluxx
5. Memoir ‘44
6. Betrayal at the House on the Hill


1. LEGO City Cargo Train 7939
2. LEGO City Satellite Launch Pad 3366

Practical Things

1. Long sleeve work shirts, preferable heavy rugby shirts. (Size: Large)
2. Winter gloves.
3. Mustache/nose hair trimmer.
4. Toaster oven.

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