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This is the body of an email I just received at work. Verbatim

* * *

Good day:
This message is from the Company_Name messaging center to all Company_Name email users.
We are currently updating our data base and e-mail center. All unused accounts will be deleted. To ensure that any active accounts are not deleted you are required to verify that your account is active by confirming your email identity. This will prevent your email from been closed during this process. In order to confirm your email address, click here.
Warning!!! Any Company_Name email user that refuses to verify and subsequently update his or her email within seven days of receiving this notice will lose his or her email privileges permanently.
Thank you for your assistance.
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Okay at the risk of making a piece of "FANFIC THEORY THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!" clickbait, I just got to thinking about the first PotC movie, and realized that the implied threat driving the plot doesn't make any sense.

Okay, consider this:

1. Barbarossa and Co. steal the Aztec treasure, throw the gold around, get cursed, and are turned into a bunch of disguised undead, unkillable skeletons.

Oh, and their boat is kinda undead too.

Along the way they steal the Black Pearl from Jack, and chuck Will's dad overboard.

2. Though this now makes them very effective pirates, they decide the whole Can't Taste Food thing kinda sucks.

3. They then spend the next ten years or so hunting down all the pieces of gold so they can be mortal. Oh and they need to find Bootstrap's kid to complete undoing the curse.

Stop and think about this for a moment. Rather than being unstoppable killing machines, they want to be mortal.

Why the Hell do the heroes fight so hard to stop them from succeeding?

Yeah, there's a blood sacrifice involved, but as Barbarossa very definitely shows when he thinks Elizabeth is Bootstrap's daughter, the amount blood is relatively trivial. At that point in the movie he's demonstrated no particular personal animosity towards Will, so there's no reason to think that he would take any more blood than he does from Elizabeth.

In the climax of the movie the undead pirates are busily curb stomping the Royal Marines. As soon as they're mortal, they're beaten relatively easily. Once they get what they want, they go from the Number One threat on the high seas to just another bunch of mangy pirates.

I realize most popcorn movies don't stand up to close examination (just why did Loki go to all that trouble to be captured in The Avengers?) but even by those standards the plot doesn't make much sense if you think about it.
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So far, this month's sales on Amazon haven't been anything spectacular. Normal all around actually, except for Good Landing, which has had a total of fifty sales in the past ten days, when it usually averages been twenty or thirty for the full month.

Now admittedly it's a freebie, which means it's my most popular story anyway, but the sales anomaly would seem to point to a signal boost somewhere. I haven't been able to locate anything like that through Google though.
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Note: Rated R for seriously disturbing imagery.

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Gacked from [ profile] chaypeta

Those poor guys didn't do well in The Five Doctors at all...

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SCENE: Terinu, Matt, Rufus, Melika, Gwen and Marvra Chan as sitting on the couch in front of the TV, having just finished watching a show. Teri and Matt look stunned, holding onto each other tightly. Gwen in weeping in Melika's arms as Rufus gives Mavra a Death Glare

Mavra: I don't what all of you are complaining about. You asked for a classic 70's or 80's British TV sci-fi drama that wasn't Doctor Who, Quatermass or Blakes 7.

Rufus: Damn you, Mavra! Threads is not family viewing material!

Mavra: It was in mine.

Rufus: That says more than I ever really wanted to know about you.
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Not having seen The Doctor's Wife yet (but getting the spoiler about who the title character was), apparently my brain decided to make up the episode for me. All I got unfortunately was the climax, which apparently involved 11th Doc and 4th Doc (a very old Tom Baker in a very painfully fake curly wig) confronting the villain, who apparently made Mr. Teatime from Hogfather look sane and pleasant. Said villain had a child in their arms on a catwalk above a very deep pit. Naturally he threw the child into it to distract them. Naturally Four and Eleven leaped after the child to save him.

Whereupon both of their TARDIS's materialized below them as they plunged down, both TARDIS's clamped between a pair of earthmoving machines to steady them as the Doctors flung themselves aboard as the Doctor's Wife's signature line was said in a voiceover.

Frankly, The Summer Intern doesn't seem half that interesting after that...
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My Little Space Marines. O_O

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Inspired by the TV Tropes entry on [ profile] ursulav's Black Dogs.

So in a universe populated almost exclusively by anthropomorphic animals, could you slip humans in by claiming they're just anthro monkeys? :)
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A fun little photoshopping website, with the premise that the spaceships from 70's sci-fi tv shows were real spacecraft and are still making appearances at airshows

It's almost worth it jsut for the picture of a Space: 1999 Eagle Transporter smashed into a barn in Hetfordshire. :)
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Hmm. Same theme tune, some of the same stupid car tricks (repeat of teh same gags from the Worst Cars in British History show, plus "Supercar vs. Military Hardware"), and helluva lot more flannel.

I haven't even watched the first five minutes and I hate it.

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I figured between one's interest in animation and the other's interest in Korean, both my nieces would get a kick out of this.

Please remember the Glorious Leader Kim Jong Ill personally supervised this, of course

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I imagine it's something like this.

Gacked from [ profile] ladysmith

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...while I avoid typing some more.

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