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Da Rulz: Write down the names of ten of your original characters, then click on the cut tag and answer the questions.

Borrowed from Wazaga


1. Tez the Eldest Elf
2. Maria the Beastkin
3. Teal the Bard
4. Philosopher the Dragon
5. Rolas the Vulpine Lord
6. Hazel the Vulpine Pilot
7. Nan the Vulpine Student
8. Nez the Wazagan
9. Alt-Rufus the Vulpine
10. Alt-Melika the Vulpine.

Questions and answers behind the cut. )
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Alt-Rufus (waking up): GAAAAAAAH!

Hazel: What's the matter?

Alt-Rufus: I dreamt I died and went to hell to suffer a horrible fate.

Hazel: Like what?

Alt-Rufus: I'd have to live my entire life over again, to fix all of my mistakes.

Hazel: Given some of the mistakes you've made that sounds like a pretty good deal. What was the catch?

Alt-Rufus: In that life, every ground car I drove would have been built by British Leyland

Hazel (hugging him): You poor dear!
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Some of this material appeared in a slightly different from in my vignette Desperate Times

Rufus is faced with his greatest enemy )
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The funny thing is, the only reason I wrote this scene is because I wanted to match the illustration that Cheeko made for me (viewable below the cut)

In which Royce can't think of a clever cut text )
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And Mac is back. I love the little guy. And I'm probably the only one.

In which Rufus is pro-active )
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1. Had the princely sum of $5.00 deposited into my PayPal account for the last sale of Unexpected Diversions.

2. Added a couple paragraphs to the long dormant sequel to Grace of God/Spin Recovery. Frankly, Alt-Rufus and Hazel are more fun to think about than poor Marty and Whitepelt at the moment. Even I can only take so much angst.

3. Had yet another comment added to TV Tropes entry for Good Landing (It's in the Tear Jerker section under the Fan Fiction subfolder) I'd actually forgotten that it had been published in Sabledrake.
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Just a little scenelet that popped into my head from my half-abandoned sequel to "Spin Recovery".

PG-13 for drug use.

Evil Leeza is Evil )
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Just noodling a bit while I try and recover momentum on Andrea's Story.

Universe: Grace of God
Timeframe: Midway through "Spin Recovery"
Characters: Alt-Melika, Rolas
Rating: PG

Melika has a Naismith moment )
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I'm not entirely satisfied with this. I meant there to be a slightly less morose ending to the bit with the Countess, but the old b*tch wouldn't let me do it.

Rolas is snared by a space pirate, again. )

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