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Health: Saw the sleep specialist yesterday, and after some confusion over which was the latest at home study he'd looked at, agreed that I have at least mild sleep apnea and should get fitted for a mask and a CPAP machine. It'll be be a couple of weeks before I can get back there for a fitting.

House: Heat pump still running. Which I'm grateful for since it'll be in the triple digits counting humidity this weekend. We're already on an Orange air alert in Baltimore today.

Writing: Still grinding slowly on The Red Vixen at Sea. I'm hoping to post and all new excerpt in a couple of days. Between the heat pump and other stresses my sleep has been shot to hell recently, and I've only just begun to recover my energy.
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When it comes to running and exercise my wife is her own worst enemy. So I'm tempted to suggest to her that she stop hanging out with herself and tell herself to fuck off when she puts herself down and maybe she and herself should start seeing other people.
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This is actually a reply I gave to [ profile] siderea in a previous post, when she asked how the Foxen healthcare system actually. My reply was sufficiently long that I figured I may as well re-post it separately.


It follows the class system actually:

1. Nobles: Pay for their own healthcare. They have the money for it. In general they are the only ones with the monetary resources to pay for the expense of full cellular regeneration, though some very wealthy commoners can as well.

2. Military: Generally paid for by their work unit. Combat troops get it as part of their duty to the planetary government (obviously). Non-combat units like Librarians or Civil Protection get the equivalent of an employee health plan (usually part of the system in #3, but not always).

3. Commoners: Very wealthy commoners pay for their own healthcare. The vast majority of them however use what we'd recognize as a One Payer healthcare system. Their taxes support part of it, and the rest is directly paid for by the Noble of their district. How much the Noble in question is willing to provide is at their discretion. However, there are legal minimums, and Nobles who try to be parsimonious tend to attract the negative attention of both their peers and the Commoner press.

Generally they attempt to provide more than is legally expected as a matter of course. The teachings of the Mother Goddess are very strong on charity, and while worship of the Mother is usually conducted at the household level (the female head of the family being that family's priestess) Commoners are considered part of the Noble's familial responsibility, and skimping on proper healthcare for one's family is Just Not Done.

As a side note, this is also why you rarely see homeless Foxen on the streets of the homeworld or Foxen colonies. If a Noble starts letting their commoners fall through the safety net like that, they start getting lots of flak from all corners (including members of their own family who think they might be able to do a better job).

Gerwart uses another variation of the One Payer system, but supported exclusively through citizen taxes. Offworlder Foxen either use the local system in their area, or are supported by a slightly complicated system of vouchers provided by their noble to pay for local healthcare.
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Last Friday: Ate lunch at work, which sat rather uncomfortably. One hour later I went home to nap, pick up the kids, then nap some more. With a temperature of 100.6 I figured i had the flu again.

Saturday: Spent day sleeping, with breaks to pee, eat toast, and drink Sprite. High temperature 103.

Sunday: Spent the morning sleeping, and finally dig myself out of bed to go to the Minute Clinic. When I get there, they listen to my lungs and tell me to go to the emergency clinic NOW. One X-ray later I've got a diagnosis of a respiratory infection and a perscription for clarithomycin.

Monday: More fever. More sleeping. Except I start developing a nasty pain in my air that sends me back to the Minute Clinic. Diagnosis: Water behind my ear drum. I get another prescription for painkillers for my ear.

That don't work. Cue much agony and not much sleep.

Tuesday: Finally get my primary physician, who switches me to Levaquin for my lungs, and anti-biotic drops for my ear because it's actually infected.

Wednesday, Thursday: Back to work. Throat still raspy so at least I'm kept off the phones.

Friday: Back to my primary for a followup. Turns out I actually had pneumonia all this time. And a canker sore on the side of my throat, making me talk like Baron Greenback.

I think I'm going to rest some more.
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Just dealing with Stuff, including most of last week being eaten by Tom going through a very lengthy bout of stomach flu and having to do a lot of OT at work.

Sales have been better this month compared to April. if the end continues I'm hoping to be back to my usual 30 sales a month.

Muse is still being stubborn. I have a few ideas, but I'm just too tried or scatterbrained ot put them down. I need to set up a proper office area in the house so I can concentrate better, instead of trying to type on the laptop on a folding table. Did the first bit writing I've attempted for two weeks just this morning, trying to detail how Re-Education works in the FYS universe.

Oh, and a fellow who gave COtRV a nice review at Amazon also created a greatly expanded TV Tropes page for The Red Vixen Adventures.
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Tuesday I woke up with a sore throat and put it down to sinuses draining. Got through the day at work then took a sudafed before going to sleep at 9:30pm. Woke up at 1:15am and just couldn't go back to sleep, esp. since I started dry coughing every time I laid down. Called out of work and tried to get back to bed about 8:30am, and just couldn't get comfortable. Worse I wasn't hungry, and only ate a couple of slices of plain bread for breakfast, plus a cup of rice pudding that tasted horribly rich. Finally I took a dose of NyQuil and 10am and slept until almost 2pm, waking up feeling shivery and achey.

Picked up the kids from school and when Tracy got back from work I laid back in bed at 6:30pm, after eating a little bowl of soup. Woke up at 10:30pm, dry heaved briefly, then took more NyQuil and slept until almost 3:30am. Nose is now running like a sewer and I'm still exhausted, but I dragged myself to work anyway after taking another Sudafed.
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Rascal was the second cat we acquired for our household, about a year after [ profile] moonshadowed and I got married. Technically he was [ profile] badasher's cat, adopted as a companion for his other cat, Max, who needed a distraction to keep from upsetting Tracy's cat, Sunny. In the end though he became ours mostly by default, and Steve left him with us when he moved out.

He was young when we got him, less than a year old and still a catten. He was also perceived by everybody as being a bit of a dim bulb. We blamed it on a fever he got a few months after we adopted him, but honestly I think it was just a case of him not being as smart as Max, who was the undisputed Alpha Cat of the household, and also being a bit mouthier than the others, which made him seem terminally confused and worried. Ex:

Rascal: Meow, meow, Meow, MEOW!

Royce: What's that, Rascal? You say Timmy fell down into the well?

He was a gentle soul though, running from, rather than attacking, our bird Sadie when she dive bombed him, and putting up with sometimes rough handling from the kids without clawing them.

Eventually Sunny passed away and we adopted Salem, and then a couple of years later we lost Max to failing kidneys. After Steve moved out Rascal and Salem lived in mutual ignorance of each other, not really interacting unless they had the bad luck to pass near each other in the hall.

When Salem began ailing, Rascal became a bit of tub, since he was consuming the dry cat food Salem didn't want to eat. After Salem had to be put to sleep in December though, he slimmed back down to his own weight, and became a great deal more cuddly, actually sitting beside of behind us on the couch when we used the laptop, instead of his usual perch on the far end on an arm.

Last week, around Wednesday, he disappeared. We found him hiding under our bed, after figuring out that he hadn't touched his food bowl at all that day. After dragging him out from under there, he seemed to be in pain, so Thursday evening I took him to the vet. He was diagnosed with a blocked urinary tract and wasn't able to pee. The poor guy's abdomen felt like he'd swallowed a baseball. One catheter treatment later he was drained out, and the vet warned me she'd seen a bit of blood in the urine, which might mean a kidney stone.

He drank water when he got home, but still wasn't eating. Friday morning I left out wet food and some fresh chicken breast to encourage him, but when we came home in the evening he still hadn't touched them, nor had he used the cat box.

By the time I brought him back to the vet Saturday morning, he hadn't eaten for almost four days and hadn't drank any water in 36 hours. The vet said it was almost certainly kidney stones, given he'd become blocked again immediately. To fix it would involve an operation that, ignoring the fact we couldn't really afford it, may have killed Rascal outright, and would have at minimum left him in a lot of pain. So I called Tracy at home and we agreed to let him go.

He stopped purring halfway through the injection.

He was a good kitty.
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...was called on account of food poisoning. I'll try to post two today to make up for it.
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This week's poll has been called on account of Man Flu.
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1. [ profile] chaypeta is doing one of those "Make a randomized list of your characters and then write answers to the prompts" memes. Except the meme is 100 items long and she's doing full panel cartoons of them. She's on Day Three right now (which is slightly naughty). Check them out at the Terinu website (and tell her she needs to post stuff to LJ again!)

2. Going to take my daughter to the rehearsal for my niece's wedding tonight (she's the Flower Girl). It's not even my wedding and I've been getting a return of the heart pain stress that dent me to the hospital last December just from running around buying dress shoes and otherwise preparing. Can't wait for Saturday to be over.

3. Plowing with more determination than skill through Shadow of the Red Vixen, with one character down and bleeding, the other floundering, and the end nowhere in sight. While that percolates I'm also trying to move forward on Wazaga's gift story.

4. I've also applied to be an MiB for Steve Jackson Games which will hopefully get me enough participation credits that I can actually get games without straining our budget.

5. Oh, and my DeviantArt membership ran out, so I'm stuck with ads again. Wah.
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Has been called on account of a pair of child health crises (Georgia woke up at 2am with a bad nosebleed and wouldn't go back to sleep, and Thomas had massive meltdown after he stepped barefoot on a small sliver of glass we'd missed during a cleanup), and the usual errands and household chores.
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For the first fifteen minutes after the Supreme Court released its decision on the Affordable Healthcare Act, both CNN and FOX reported that it had been struck down, when actually it had been upheld. Here's how it happened.

Link borrowed from [ profile] nwhyte
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I'm glad to know that they upheld the 1st Amendment right for people lie their asses off about personal accomplishments. [1]

Oh, as the other decision...

Dude, Roberts was the deciding swing vote and Kennedy sided with the minority opinion?! Dammit, I hate it when I fall into an alternate dimension and not notice!

[1] Even if guy who prompted Congress to draft the law in the first place was a damned jackass.
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That since picking up my mother's chest cold Sunday, every time I cough it tastes metallic? I'd be worrying about my fillings, but they seem to be intact.
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Amish Marathon Runners.

No, seriously. You work on a farm for twelve hours a day, six days a week, and see if you aren't in shape.
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Georgia's mysterious bumpy feet dissapeared a half hour after I saw them, after a dose of liquid ibuprofen and an ice pack. Apparently they weren't Chicken Pox, nor Hand, Foot & Mouth disease as my sister suspected. Whatever it was there hasn't been a reccurance, so Go Us.

Writing on Shadow of the Red Vixen continues to limp along. I've been managing a paragraph or two a day, but no more than that. A combination of scatterbrainia and a general lack of motivation is hampering me. Need to see if I can set aside some time and drag the laptop over to the library to use in a quiet room or something.

Additionally, I'm wondering if I could use Kickstarter to pay for book cover art, with the promise of a free e-copy to everyone who contributes. Probably a stupid idea.

Meanwhile I've got a LoZ script fic I should also be looking at more closely...
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Georgia just woke up coughing and complaining her feet were itchy. They're covered in Chicken Pox bumps. Facepalm.

Off to the doctor's we go this morning.
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Tracy car wouldn't start yesterday morning. So when I got home I called AAA to give it a jump because I figured it had been sitting there since Friday in the cold and the battery needed to be charged.

No, couldn't be that simple. Instead the AAA guy pointed out that there's a thing in the engine called a Tensioner Spring that holds the belt running from the engine to the alternator tight, but it was loose now and needed to be replaced. So I had it towed to our car shop and it'll be looked at this morning.

That's on top of the back somehow processing my last paycheck for only $250 instead of $500 (which was bad enough because dof all the damned furlough days I had in December.) And this morning I couldn't find the home equity checkbook to cover whatever the shop is going gouge us to fix Tracy's car. So I need to arrage the transfer over the phone and God help me if they need me to show in person to arrange because then I need to take off time from work which I can't afford to do.

Since Thanksgiving, it seems like it's been one crisis after another. I've had to get extremely expensive repairs on my car twice. I've had that scare with my heart. Christmas was just one anxious rush. The kids have been ill. My mother went into the hosptital to have her appendix it out and I'm scared to death I'm going to have to ask for money again while she's recovering from that.

Oh, yeah, and my jobs sucks but I can't afford to leave it and I've got no appreciable skills to get a better one.

I feel like there's a vice around my chest right now. I was breaking into sobbing fits while I was driving into work. I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't what I'm going to do. I just want it to stop. Everything just STOP.

Mom Update

Jan. 15th, 2012 06:07 am
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Went to see her yesterday afternoon, after she'd gotten back from the hospital. She looked 200% better, propped on the couch then on an easy chair, and talking animatedly. She's still hurting a bit, and moving slowly, but she's able to get about. My sister will be staying with her through Monday to make sure she's all right, but she looks like she's getting over things rapidly.

Mom Update

Jan. 12th, 2012 07:36 pm
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She came through surgery with flying colors and was in a private room by 5:45pm. She was feeling very chilly and was wrapped from head to toe in blankets to warm up, and of course hurt quite a bit, but she was feeling a bit better by the time I left. I couldn't hug or kiss her after being exposed to Tracy, who has the stomach flu, and I made sure to wear a surgical mask, but it was good to see her. She probably won't be out tomorrow, but maybe Saturday if things look good.

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