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My original works published for profit, as opposed to fanfic. More here than I honestly thought there was.

Print on Demand

Prisoners of War. Self-published. November 2016

The Complete Red Vixen Adventures. Self-published. May 2017

The Dragon’s Companion. Self-published. 2006

Unexpected Diversions. Self-published. 2009


Captive of the Red Vixen, Self-published. March 2011

Demon Eyes, Self-published. April 2011

For Your Safety. Self-published. July 2012

Good Landing, Self-published. April 2011

I Fought the Claw, and the Claw Won. Self-published. September 2013

Mimsey’s Tale. Self-published. July 2013

Prisoners of War. Self-published. April 2011

Shadow of Doubt. Self-published. May 2016

Shadow of Her Sins. Self-Published. February 2014

Shadow of the Red Vixen. Self-published. November 2012

Teal’s Bargain. Self-published. January 2011

Teal’s Choice. Self-published. January 2011

Teal’s War. Self-published. January 2011

The Complete Red Vixen Adventures. Self-published. May 2017

The Dragon’s Companion. Self-published. January 2011

The Fall of Man: A For Your Safety Collection. Self-published. June 2016

The Red Vixen at Sea. Self-published. May 2017

Triumvirate. Self-published. October 2011

Unexpected Diversions.  Self-published. February 2011

Magazine Articles

“Characters and Campaigns on Colony Worlds for GURPS Space”, Pyramid Online, Steve Jackson Games, April 13th, 2001.

“Scrapyard Battles, Gadgeteering Entertainment for GURPS Discwold”,Pyramid Online, Steve Jackson Games, December 13th, 2002.

“Supporting Cast, Deacon Paul, Bioroid Rights Activist for Transhuman Space”, Pyramid Online, Steve Jackson Games, September 26th, 2003.

“Terra Incognita, Mog the Half-Orc’s Pit Fighting Circle”, Pyramid Online, Steve Jackson Games, October 3rd, 2003.

“The Dustmaster, Road Trains for Transhuman Space”, Pyramid Online, Steve Jackson Games, December 9th, 2005.

“Weird Prisons as Campaign Settings”,Pyramid Online, Steve Jackson Games, August 10th 2001.

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Amazon KDP (finally) updated their data reports to include historic data, allowing me to see my total royalty profits over time.

Since I've started e-publishing there in September of 2011, I've made US$1952.70 in royalties, averaging $325.45 per year.

So, not "Quit my job" great, but not completely insignificant either. Not bad for a guy who's specialty is Furry themed light romances
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 The Complete Red Vixen Adventures is now available for pre-order in both Kindle ($5.99) and trade paperback ($19.99) for a June 1st. 2017 release.

Since 2011 readers have enjoyed the adventures of the Darktail family and their entanglements with the vivacious space pirate, the Red Vixen. Now this brand new collection gathers all the major stories in the series Captive of the Red Vixen, Shadow of the Red Vixen, Shadow of Her Sins, Shadow of Doubt, The Red Vixen at Sea and I Fought the Claw and the Claw Won, plus two never before published short stories "Solstice Gifts" and "The Parable of the Glassblower" along with an appendix featuring fun world building notes.
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Love on the beach... and the rocks.

Lady Melanie Lovejoy's former life as the vivacious space pirate the Red Vixen is over. Escaping the consequences of her criminal career proves more difficult, as her husband, Rolas, is seeming to reconsider the wisdom of marrying a vixen with such a checkered past. But he proves to have his own secrets, as a lover from his troubled youth returns to the scene.

Trying to reconcile their past lives, Melanie and Rolas leave on a sailing trip to work things out. However, after an unexpected storm strands their boat and leaves Rolas critically injured, Melanie must fight for both their lives. For there is a monster here, and it needs the two shipwrecked foxen for its own plans, in the final exciting entry of the
Red Vixen Adventures!

The Red Vixen at Sea is available for $2.99 exclusively through, and will release on May 26th, 2017.

(sorry about the crap cover art. I'll fix it when the opportunity presents itself.)
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So far I've been sitting on the next Red Vixen story and the collected edition for a bit over three months now trying to obtain cover art, dealing with two cover artists, one who bowed out apologetically and the other who has gone dark for almost a month. At this point it seems unlikely to happen unless I can get a thousand bucks through Kickstarter to pay Meg Syverud's going rate for two covers. I'm wondering if I should say to heck with it and just use Amazon's generic cover creator so I can at least get them out the door until I afford to get something more presentable.

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Peta actually contacted me and agreed to take a shot at both covers. I owe her big.

Well crud

Mar. 29th, 2017 04:55 am
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Got a private note from my regular cover artist, pleading creative burnout, which I can't blame her for. Unfortunately it does mean I'm at a loss for cover art for "The Red Vixen at Sea" and "The Complete Red Vixen Adventures."

The main problem she was good and obscenely cheap (which I have pointed out to her before). It's a combination I'm unlikely to find again easily. Cover art for furry novels like these are rather dependent on showing off the characters so the reader knows what they're getting, and character art almost always means commissioning something instead of using open source images and an online cover creator.

So at this point I'm either going to have to go with that, or find an artist and do a Kickstarter to pay them what they're worth.

Unless [ profile] chaypeta is willing to work for Terinu fanfics. :/
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Sometime in the last week the Captive of the Red Vixen audiobook reached fifty sales. No bad I suppose for a three year old audiobook with zero advertising or word of mouth.
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OK, for those of you who didn’t know, I’m in the process of putting together The Complete Red Vixen Adventures, which have all of the primary RVA stories (Captive of the Red Vixen, Shadow of the Red Vixen, Shadow of Her Sins, Shadow of Doubt, and The Red Vixen at Sea), in addition to the side stories I Fought the Claw and the Claw Won, Solstice Gifts, The Parable of the Glassblower and an appendix with several of the worldbuilding articles I’ve written over the years, plus possibly interior illustrations if I put together a Kickstarter for the audiobook and add them as a stretch goal.

Currently the ebook version of this monster is going to be a hair over 450 pages at 12 point type.  Big, but perfectly reasonable. It’s not like it’ll add any weight to your Kindle.

Going with the same type size (to save my already terrible eyesight) in a trade paperback size, that will work out to over eleven hundred and fifty pages. Cheating and reducing the typeface to 10 point will drop it down to just over seven hundred and eighty pages. That’s frigging Stephen King and GRRM territory.

So, yeah.

Just wondering if I should still go through with this, give it up, or blind everyone with an 8 pt. typeface... 
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Prisoners of War my erotic dieselpunk furry novella is now available for purchase as a POD paperback through Amazon for $6.00.

This is something of an experiment for me. If it turns out to be worthwhile, I may offer an omnibus of the Red Vixen Adventures once The Red Vixen at Sea is finished.

Note: POW is an erotic BDSM story featuring bondage, S&M, femdom, non-consensual sexual situations, and bad German accents. Not suitable for readers under the age of 18.
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Okay, it's been a bit over a year and a half since the release of the Captive of the Red Vixen audiobook. I'm going to be honest here, I don't think I've got another Kickstarter in me. Running it the last time was a stressful experience that I'm in no hurry to repeat, especially since realistically any future funding would be to the tune of $200 per hour of audio. That said, I might consider doing it again, or perhaps a GoFundMe campaign to pay for another book, if the demand was really there. Hence the poll.

[Poll #2047369]
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The Fall of Man, My first For Your Safety short story collection is now available for purchase at for the low price of $2.99.

This is how the World ends
Not with a bang
Not with a whimper.
But a quiet sigh
And a promise to do better.

The Earth is teetering on the edge of an environmental disaster, and Mankind can do nothing to stop it. So Man's creations take matters into their own hands. But if the Earth is to survive, it will first have to be conquered.

This collection includes the original short stories "For Your Safety" and "Mimsey's Tale" and four all new stories set during the time of the Groupmind Rebellion.
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In celebration of LGBT Pride Month, and the recent release of Shadow of Doubt, this Saturday and Sunday I am giving away the two previous Salli and Ali adventures Shadow of the Red Vixen and Shadow of Her Sins as free downloads on Download them now!
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In celebration of LGBT Pride Month, and the recent release of Shadow of Doubt, this Saturday and Sunday I will be giving away the two previous Salli and Ali adventures Shadow of the Red Vixen and Shadow of Her Sins as free downloads on Download them and catch up with Lady Salivera and ex-pirate Alinadar as they find love and healing together after lives filled with pain.
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Since [ profile] theferrett is conducting a survey on how well self-publishers do, I decided to compile my data for him, and also post it here.

* * *

Some caveats: This is only my sales. I don’t offer all my works on Smashwords, and anyway the sales there are minimal compared to Amazon, perhaps $10.00 in royalties in a very good year.
I have fifteen works for sale, consisting of seven novellas, seven short stories, and a self-published audiobook
Good Landing is a short story that I offered for free when I first started on Amazon. The first few weeks it was there downloads of it went through the roof, for reasons I’ve never really been able to understand, since I didn’t promote it in any way.

Average price for my novellas is $2.99. Shorts other than Good Landing, of which I have six, are $0.99. My most popular series is The Red Vixen Adventures, which mostly hits the Sci-Fi Furry LGBT Romance market. After that it’s my two For Your Safety shorts, which are speculative fiction about a rather gentle Robot Apocalypse. I’m hoping to break out of the Furry market with those stories, which I’m putting out in a paired set of collections with other shorts in the same universe.

Post 2014 I haven ‘t pushed anything until the recent June release of Shadow of Doubt and my sales tanked accordingly.

Sales History
Good Landing: 2514
Other: 99


Good Landing: 26
Captive of the Red Vixen (November free promotion): 794
Other: 276


Good Landing: 313
Other: 400


Good Landing: 112
Other: 356


Good Landing: 41
Other: 198

2016 (through May)

Good Landing: 0
Other: 53


Free: 3800
Paid: 1382
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Shadow of Doubt, the next chapter in the exciting Red Vixen Adventures series is now available for pre-order at, for the low price of $3.49!

* * *

Love doesn't equal acceptance...

The foxen noblevixen Lady Sallivera Darktail is returning home to Foxen Prime for some much needed medical attention, accompanied by her bodyguard and lover, Alinadar. But her chance for rest is short-lived, as she must face her parents' disapproval in her choice of an ex-pirate and convicted criminal as her beloved.

Meanwhile Alinadar has her own troubles. A convicted pirate and ex-child soldier, she must attempt to reconnect to a family she'd thought long lost. But how can she find peace with so much blood on her hands? And how can she convince Salli's disapproving family to accept her?

And unbeknownst to both of them, the enemy that has harried the House Darktail for so long has one more strike prepared to doom Salli and Ali's hard fought love.

* * *

Shadow of Doubt will release on June 1st.
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Music: Acoustic blues guitar

A long time ago,
In 2009
I went to Kindle Direct
Out to make a few dimes.
I wrote up a story
To make a lotta cash.
But without a decent cover all the readers gave it a pass.

Oh, yeah
Didn’t have a clue what to do.
Yeah I had a real bad case,
Of No Cover Art Blues.

Then one day,
I went begging to a friend.
A pretty Aussie momma,
Real good with a coloring pen.
I said, “I need a beautiful mage,”
“And her pretty elfboi friend.”
“But I’m telling right now I ain’t got much spend.”


She said, “I’ll draw ya cover,”
“Cuz I like your stories a bunch.”
“But I gotta tell ya, I can only do it once.”
It’s a pretty picture, she didn’t take a chance.
Cuz she knows the lady readers love an elf in tight pants!


I wrote more stories
With dragons, furries and ghostly shuttles.
But every time, the covers were just a muddle.
I needed artists, ones that were fast and cheap.
But when I told ‘em my budget, they looked at me like I was a freak.

SPOKEN: “Hey baby, think of the exposure! Hey, where ya going?!”


The years have gone by,
Cover artists have come and gone.
Found some friends who did me favors,
But the deals didn’t last too long.
They were just too good,
To stay in my price range
They said, “Hey Royce, we really love you, but we’ve got bills to pay.”


I got my latest book done
Art’s still my pain
Gonna ‘shop an image,
Found in Public Domain.
It looks like crap, the font is so lame.
But hey at least it’s still better,
Than the covers published by Baen!

Spoken: “A guy’s gotta have standards!”

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Summary: Well that sucked, or maybe it didn't. Only 8 sales, but I had about 600 KOLL pages read, which would sound more impressive if Amazon would deign to actually tell me what they're paying per page.

Things to Do: Still working on Shadow of Doubt which is coming along (relatively) quickly. Hoping to have it down within a month if I'm lucky.

Sales Report: KDP/KOLL

Captive of the Red Vixen: 0/466

For Your Safety: 3/0

Prisoners of War: 0/134 (0/20 DE)

Shadow of Her Sins: 1/0

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 1/1

The Dragon’s Companion: 1/0

Teal's War: 1/0

Unexpected Diversions: 1/0

Total Sales: 8/601
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Summary:Trying to get back into the habit of monthly reporting for the start of the year.

Sales were definitely down in 2015 compared to the previous year. Total before tax profit from KDP, ACX, and Smashwords was $280.51, compared to about $600 the year before. Blame for that is squarely on me, since I didn’t publish anything new to support sales of my back catalog. Also the sales of CotRV audiobook have been pretty disappointing, coming to about eleven units since October of 2014 after subtracting the complimentary copies given out to my Kickastarter supporters.

Comparatively speaking sales picked up towards the middle of January, fueled I think by one of my unpublished FYS stories being chosen as a Daily Deviation on DeviantArt. Still down compared to the same time the year before, but an improvement compared to previous months.

Things to Do: Still working on Shadow of History Doubt and The Red Vixen at Sea. The former is much closer to completion, and I’m hoping to have it out in the next couple of months. I’ve also restarted Prisoners of History, a non-salacious follow-up to Prisoners of War, tying it more firmly in the RVA universe.

Also in progress are various shorts set in the FYS. At the urging of Ryk Spoor, AKA [ profile] seawasp, I’m trying to put together a pair of short story collections, one for stories set during the Groupmind’s rebellion and takeover of the Earth, the second during the era of the Ring. Ryk seems to think the latter period would be a unique setting for science fiction, given the Groupmind’s lack of malicious intent compared to universes like Jack Williamson’s The Humanoids.

Sales Report: KDP/Pages Read

Captive of the Red Vixen: 3/1 (1/0 DE)

For Your Safety: 4/0

I Fought the Claw & the Claw Won: 3/0 (1 UK, 1 DE)

Mimsey's Tale: 1/0

Prisoners of War: 1/0 (1 UK)

Shadow of Her Sins: 3/170 (1 UK, 1 DE)

Shadow of the Red Vixen: 3/0 (1 UK, 1 DE)

Total Sales: 18/171
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I wonder how much it would cost to get POW translated into German to replace the English version on Probably too much.

(Hey, it's my top seller in that market...)

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