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While I'm sure Hazel was fifteen once too, I seriously doubt she keeps a copies of the series she read as a teenager on her personal reader. Especially the fantasy stuff with brave, angsty, teenaged vixens that are telepathically bonded to grass chasers.
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Finally got back into the groove last night and finished up this chapter. From here the plot should speed up nicely, I hope.

Death and Life )
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Okay, this requires some explanation...

Previously I'd come up with the idea of The Vulpine Imperium an alternate universe (yes, another one) take on [ profile] chaypeta's Terinu universe, where the Vulpine freed themselves from the Dominion before ever meeting the humans, and became a bunch of Space Nazis. Fortunately Peta was amused rather than horrified, and we both almost immediately came to the conclusion that somewhere in it Melika would be dressed in a leather SS uniform carrying a whip.

So in the end she made the pic behind the cut, where she take the other alternate universe I'd come up with from "The Grace of God/Spin Recovery/Captive of the Red Vixen/Altered Trajectory" and translated it to WWII, where Rufus and Rolas are Allied pilots about to have a very... interesting... interrogation in the hands of the infamous SS Captain Melika "Die Rote Fuchsin" (forgive the lack of umlauts) Softpaw and her hench-vix Lt. Hazel Swiftfoot.

Nothing explicit here, but it's suggestive as hell.

Girls in uniform and boys out of uniform behind the cut )
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Can't believe it took me two weeks to pound out this little bit.

In which Rufus meets some old friends )
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Hope to hell I'm regaining momentum on this. I hate it when my muse wanders off.

In Which Rufus Pretends to Not Notice Something. )
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Still blowing and snowing outside. I suspect I'm not going to work tomorrow...

Rufus makes two very unfortunate discoveries )
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And now that Arc is finished, we can go back to something a bit lighter and fluffier.

Back at Drisden the Galapago's place )
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Hazel: Wimping out on NaNoWriMo again, author boy?

Me: Like I've ever been able to pump out 1,200 words a day for any consistent period.

Hazel: Whatever. I need you to write something for me though.

Me: I'm already working on Altered Trajectory.

Hazel: Yeah, but I need you to come up with something else. I want to find out what alt-Hazel is like.

Me: Alt-Hazel?

Hazel: Yeah, me in the canon Terinu universe.

Me: Technically speaking, she'd just be Hazel. You're the alt. Actualy both of you would be since nothing I write in either universe is canon anyway.

Hazel: I still want to know what she's like.

Me: (sighs) Look, I'm sure if [ profile] chaypeta ever does a crowd or big briefing room scene when the story moves aboard the [SPOILER] you'll show up.

Hazel: So I'm still a fighter pilot then.

Me: I didn't say that.

Hazel: And I've got all my orignal body parts?

Me: No promises.

Hazel: This is the "Everybody's lives don't suck (aside from Terinu)" universe, so I would still have my leg and my commission. Oh, and my mom is still live too.

Me: No promises!

Hazel: And I married Rolas because he'd be there too (and his Countess wouldn't be such a bitch.)

Me: Go back in the prop box, Hazel!
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Well it took a while, but I knew had an action sequence coming up and I didn't want to cut it into pieces for the sake of daily installments.

In Which Rufus Enters the Fray. )

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